454 Drones - Uncrewed Aerial Vehicles (UAV) Registered in Montenegro

By , 13 Oct 2019, 14:24 PM Lifestyle
454 Drones - Uncrewed Aerial Vehicles (UAV) Registered in Montenegro Copyrights: Pixabay

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13 October 2019 - According to the latest updated data from the Civil Aviation Agency of Montenegro, 454 drones - uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAV) are registered in Montenegro, reports CdM.

In order to introduce as many drone operators as possible into regulatory frameworks, the Civil Aviation Agency launched an educational campaign this year on how to safely manage drones.

Through the conduct of this campaign, the Agency insists on the observance of regulatory frameworks in the field of civil aviation by drone operators, so as not to endanger the safety of air traffic or endanger persons and property on the ground.

Drones are experiencing real expansion, not only for aerial photography, but also prove to be very useful in controlling infrastructure, forests, agricultural goods, road traffic and the like.

"However, it is important that everyone operating the drone adheres to certain rules to avoid adverse events, such as an aircraft drone crash or dropping a drone to the ground, which can endanger people's lives and property," the representatives of the Agency explained.

In order to combat the illegal use of drones, the Civil Aviation Agency signed an agreement with the Police Directorate. This creates the conditions for joint activities to carry out more effective drone control measures. In Montenegro, the Ordinance on the requirements for the use of unmanned aerial vehicles and aeronautical models adopted by the Civil Aviation Agency in 2016 defines the conditions for the use of unmanned aerial vehicles and aeronautical models (drones) with an operating mass up to and including 20 kilograms.

The basic regulatory requirements that are placed before drone operators:

1. All operators whose drones have a mass of more than half a kilogram with a range of over 15 meters and height over 10 meters, should be registered with the Agency;

2. The registration of the drones is free of charge;

3. The approval of the Agency for carrying out an operation using drones is only necessary when it comes to heavyweight drones and if they fly closer to urban areas or gatherings of people;

4. It is forbidden to operate a drone at night;

5. It is forbidden to operate a drone near the airport;

6. It is forbidden to throw objects to the ground during the flight.

Additional rules include the fact that "the drone must be within the field of vision of the operator and within 500 meters of the horizontal distance and up to 150 meters above ground or water. Also, the drone must be at a distance more than 150 meters from people’s gathering of and more than 30 meters from people, animals, facilities, vehicles, vessels, other aircraft, roads, railways, transmission lines and similar objects. In the event of illegal use of drones, there is the possibility of fines and court proceedings for violating public order and peace, "the Agency said.

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