"Montenegro on Front Pages of Italian Magazines from 1896 to 1921"

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"Montenegro on Front Pages of Italian Magazines from 1896 to 1921" The exhibition "Montenegro on the front pages of Italian magazines from 1896 to 1921", Copyright: rtcg.me
October 9, 2019 - On the occasion of 140 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Italy and our country, the exhibition "Montenegro on the front pages of Italian magazines from 1896 to 1921" was opened at the Parliament of Montenegro on Monday.
At the opening of the exhibition, organized by the Montenegrin Parliament and the Italian Embassy, ​​Parliament Speaker Ivan Brajovic emphasized that Italy has always been a significant European neighbor of our country, and the Italian territory represented a natural Montenegrin window to the world.
Speaking about the contribution of Italian capital to the overall progress and modernization of Montenegro since the establishment of diplomatic relations, President Brajovic mentioned the construction of the Bar-Virpazar-Podgorica-Danilovgrad railway line, the Bar dock, the establishment of the Skadar Lake navigation and the first radio-telegraph station in the Balkans, brought to Montenegro thanks to Guillermo Marconi.
Reminiscing about the Montenegrin princess and the Italian queen Jelena Petrovic Njegos, the president reminded that after the violent abolition of Montenegrin independence, Italy was the last country to break diplomatic relations with our country. Their mutual contacts, numerous ties, and positive memories contributed to overcoming conflicts during World War II.
"Diplomatic relations between the states of Montenegro and Italy were formally restored on June 14, 2006, following the restoration of Montenegro's independence. Based on centuries-old ties between our peoples, mutual respect, and understanding, as well as common Mediterranean heritage and commitment to Euro-Atlantic and European values, Montenegro and Italy continue to foster friendly relations and build partnership cooperation," concluded the President of Montenegro with gratitude to the Italian Embassy.
The Ambassador of the Republic of Italy to Montenegro, Luka Zelioli, stated that this exhibition was one of the essential activities that the Italian Embassy included in the program of events to celebrate the anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries in 1879.
"Also, this exhibition is the result of diligent and at the same time, fascinating historical research thanks to the unique collaboration with the National Library of Naples. The front pages, by which the most famous Italian magazines presented Montenegro to Italian readers, today allow us to relive the events of a tumultuous time, as interpreted by Italian journalists of that time, following historical circumstances of the time. After more than a century, the front page, so beautifully painted and with excellent efficiency, summarizes complex events or episodes worth mentioning, undoubtedly represents, tiny pieces of art to be discovered," said the ambassador of Italy.
Ambassador Zelioli also stressed the importance of the Petrovic and Savoy families' ties, Italy's contribution to the development of transport infrastructure and telecommunications in Montenegro, with no less value of cultural heritage on the Littoral.
Emphasizing the current cooperation of Montenegro and Italy in many areas, the Italian ambassador expressed assurance that the exhibition, mainly because of its location, would arouse interest from the Montenegrin public, "which will once again be able to discover how old and strong the relations with Italy are."
"The Assembly is, in fact, a place of democratic sovereignty, a place where we expect to see in action all the deputies elected by the people from both the government majority and the opposition," Ambassador Zelioli concluded.
The exhibition, organized by the Parliament of Montenegro and the Italian Embassy, ​​is open to the public until October 21, working hours until 4 pm.
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