Tivat Tourist Organisation: 16k Euros to Promote Cultural Heritage

By , 30 Sep 2019, 22:05 PM Lifestyle
 Signing of Agreement to Fund Cultural Heritage Projects Signing of Agreement to Fund Cultural Heritage Projects Press Photo - Tivat Municipality

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At a ceremony held in the atrium of the Buća-Luković medieval residence in Tivat, the Director of Tivat Tourist Organisation (TO) Gabrijela Glavočić signed an agreement to deliver three projects to promote cultural heritage in the area.

It is a legal obligation for the Organisation to ring-fence ten percent of the total income from residence tax and invest it in projects that affirm, restore or protect local cultural heritage. The Organisation announced the competition for funding at the start of this year. A committee, consisting of Dragan Laković of the Tivat Cultural Centre, and Jelena Bošković from Public Institution “Museum and Gallery”, as well as Ms Glavočić, gave the maximum number of points to all three projects entered into the competition, and decided to provide financing of a total of nearly 16,000 euros.

A field research and publication project on the remains of the ancient Roman water supply system in Bačva, near Tivat Prevlaka, nominated by Public Institution “Museum and Gallery” received 5,262 euros. In contrast, the project entitled “Cultural Promotion and Presentation of the Saint Vitus and Pasiglav Locality”, to be implemented by NGO “Works, not Words”, received 3,902 euros.

The largest sum, a total of 6,500 euros, has been earmarked for the implementation of the project "Promotion of Tivat Memorial Monuments as Tourist Attractions" with an emphasis on monuments to people and events of the National Liberation War. The project was nominated by NGO "Montemisija". "This is the first allocation of funds that we are carrying out for projects that promote and protect local cultural heritage. Not only is this our legal obligation, but also our sincere desire to contribute in this way to the development of cultural tourism in Tivat.

According to UNESCO, cultural tourism is the fastest-growing segment of the entire tourism industry worldwide, with a current market share of 15% of global tourism traffic,” stated Glavočić, adding that the delivery of the selected projects would begin as soon as Tuesday. She also said that Tivat TO would announce another similar competition before the end of the year for financing activities related to protection, research and presentation of Tivat’s cultural and historical heritage, from funds gathered from residence tax in 2017.

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