Dog Chipping Begins for First Time in Montenegro

By , 29 Sep 2019, 20:44 PM Lifestyle
Chipping of dogs started Chipping of dogs started Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

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In the veterinary clinics of Montenegro, after several delays, the identification and registration of dogs began, with chipping and the vaccination of dogs against rabies.

Chipping and issuing passports for dogs, which was organized for the first time in Montenegro, began on World Rabies Day - September 28, which is celebrated around the world to remind of the importance of measures to eradicate this dangerous a contagious disease that is mostly transmitted to humans with the bite of dogs.

Chipping dogs has been announced several times for the summer of this year. However, due to delays in public procurement, this had not happened.

The Food, Veterinary and Phytosanitary Affairs Directorates have announced that the owners will pay two euros for a tagged and vaccinated dog.

"The identification and registration of dogs, as previously decided, will be implemented through the Agrobudget Funded Compulsory Animal Health Measures Program."


Identification and registration of dogs(Photo: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development)

They stated that, thanks to the activities carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Food Safety Authority, with the support of the EU project, on prevention through oral vaccination of foxes and vaccination of dogs in shelters for abandoned animals, no cases of rabies in Montenegro have been reported since In 2012, neither in domestic nor in wild animals.

The official start of the dog chipping campaign was marked at the Veterinary Clinic “Animavet” in Podgorica, in the presence of representatives of the Directorate for Food Safety, Veterinary and Phytosanitary Affairs, who in the previous period worked intensively on establishing a system for identifying and registering dogs.


The official launch of the action (Photo: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development)

The Director of the Management Board, Vesna Dakovic, emphasized the high expectation of this action, first of all, in the monitoring of the health status of the marked animals, as well as ensuring a higher level of responsibility of the animal owners, which will now be recognized. Dog tagging and rabies vaccination, she said, will contribute to protecting animals from rabies and, consequently, protecting human health.

Chipping dogs will be important for improving the health and well-being of dogs and will contribute to addressing many increasing challenges to the dog population, from irresponsible ownership, inhumane treatment of dogs, dog bites, but also addressing problems with stray dogs. "

Text by Borko Zdero, on September 28th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

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