Arms and Equipment Used by Police Exhibited in Niksic

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Police force weapons exhibited in Niksic Police force weapons exhibited in Niksic Svetlana Mandic

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For October 2, Interior Affairs Day, the Security Center (SC) Niksic, in conjunction with other organizational units of the Police Directorate, exhibited the weapons and material-technical means which are used at the town square in Niksic. The arsenal of weapons was presented by members of the Special Anti-Terrorism Unit, including equipment used by border and traffic police, followed by service dogs, equestrian police and criminal technology.

"The aim of this activity is to give citizens of Niksic, that is, all visitors, immediate insight into weapons and equipment, as well as to provide them with proper responses to those questions they ask the police officers within the scope of police work," said CB Nikšić Police Commander Darko Madjaric.

The exposed weapons attracted the attention of both the youngest citizens of Niksic and the elderly, and especially the little ones who wanted to be photographed next to members of the anti-terrorist unit and the cavalry police, as well as the motorbikes used by the traffic police.

"This does not end police activities. We will visit the Day Care Center for Children with Developmental Disabilities and, on that occasion, we will give them modest gifts, and the officials of the Security Center Niksic will participate in the voluntary blood donation action," said Madjaric.

For the youngest visitors, an educational performance was organized in the performance of the famous children's entertainer Radojica Stanković, better known as Santa Panta, as well as a traffic safety quiz.

"This activity is intended to improve communication between citizens and the police, and to raise them to a higher level," said the police commander.

Radivoje Banovic from Niksic, thinks this activity is the "right thing to do" because it brings confidence in the police.

"This should be one step more towards gaining confidence and events like this need to be organized more. We need to get closer to the people. I see that there are new rifles and new equipment here, but I think my old weapon is unsurpassed and that it is of the right quality," Banovic said.

In contrast, Ivan Kosmos from Split, whose sister married in Niksic, was particularly attracted by the new technology.

"I've worked as a diver for a whole century, so that's why I've been interested in this. I'm retired now. We have events like this on the occasion of Police Day. This means to the citizens that they get a little closer to the police, especially when they see modern, technically sophisticated equipment, modern technology. It is interesting for the average person to have a look and he is pleased to see that the police is following modern trends and going forward, ”Kosmos said.

The Open Doors Day will be organized on October 2nd, in the premises of the Security Center Niksic again this year, as it was the case with the previous ones.

Text by Svetlana Mandic, on September 25th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

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