Tivat: European Mobility Week Ends with a Race, Bike Tour and Hiking

By , 24 Sep 2019, 11:24 AM Lifestyle
European Mobility Week in Tivat European Mobility Week in Tivat Municipality Tivat

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The international multi-day event "European Mobility Week" ended last weekend in Tivat with numerous actions promoting sustainable transport and appealing for changes in traffic behavior.

With events and programs that lasted for a week, Tivat was among nearly 3,000 cities from 50 countries marking the European Mobility Week, this year dedicated to walking and cycling.

The International “Day with no Cars”, Sunday, September 22, is marked by an international women's cycling tour and a five-kilometer recreational race. The participants of this action organized along the route Pine promenade - Donja Lastva - Pine are "Fancy Women bike ride" and the Athletic Club - Tivat Running Club Tivat.

The absolute winners in the 5,000 meters race are Zeljko Dabovic, Perica Vuckovic and Milos Komnenic in the men's, and Marija Djukic, Marina Nisavic and Nina Jevtovic in the women's competition.

In the competition of boys under 13, the best were Dino Bajo, Luka Stosic, Djordje Gulic, while Tara Djurickovic won first place among girls. Aleksandar Filip, Vojislav Buzic, Marko Pravilovic were the fastest in the 14-18 category, and Mija Mijuskovic and Sara Ilic were the best in the women's competition.

The best in the 19-39 category in the men's and women's competition were: Marina Nišavic, Nina Jevtovic and Sanja Antic, and Zeljko Dabovic, Perica Vuckovic, Milos Komnenic.

Marija Djukic and Dusica Bojovic were the best in the female senior's competition, as were Stefan Bjedic, Boris Kosovic and Miroslav Slaby for the men.

The Secretary for Public Utilities, Transport, and Energy Efficiency in the Municipality Tivat Tatjana Jelic expressed her satisfaction with the quality and number of events, and the remarkable participation of citizens, especially the youngest.

"We are convinced that the action drew attention to the possibilities of using sustainable modes of transport, in particular, bicycles but also hiking and that Tivat broadly respected this year's slogan "European Mobility Week" - Take a Walk with us," Jelic said.


Tatjana Jelić (Photo: Municipality Tivat)

A special attraction was the first international “Fancy Women Bike Ride”, organized in Tivat, in which numerous ladies took part.

The movement, launched in 2013 in Turkey, has attracted the attention of women cyclists in the last seven years. One hundred fifteen cities from 14 countries have joined the movement this year. "The bike is an environmentally friendly mean of transportation, a great solution for traffic jams and practical for everyday tasks. We women from Izmir, Turkey, with our bikes, try to convey the message that it is good to replace cars and motorbikes with bicycles, that it is good to have the smell of a perfume on the street, and not of gas," said Belmin Saskwan, one of the organizers of the event.

Djordje Premovic, on behalf of the Athletic Club Running Club Tivat, as a co-organizer of the athletic race, expressed his satisfaction with the event and the number of participants and the expectation that such activities will continue in the future.


During the manifestation (Photo: Municipality Tivat)

On Saturday were organized the actions "Everybody on catamarans", i.e. free ride on solar and hybrid ships that operate regular passenger transportation from Tivat to Herceg Novi, and "Let’s hike together" where about 70 participants, among whom the youngest  is three years old, had the opportunity to pass the route Gornja Lastva - St. Vid - Gornja Lastva. Trip guide Boris Filip from the Mountaineering Club “Squirrel” led the Mountaineers to St. Vid Church where a rope haul was organized between the teams “Galioti” and “Knightsbridge” who won.

"European Mobility Week Tivat" marks the fourth consecutive year, and after the success achieved in 2017 when it was nominated among the top three in the category of European cities with up to 50,000 inhabitants, it continues this year with an even more ambitious program.

Text by Sinisa Lukovic, on September 23rd, 2019, read more at Vijesti

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