410 Tree Seedlings Planted in Berane

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Action in Berane Action in Berane Tufik Softić

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By planting 410 young trees of different conifers and broadleaf species, in multiple locations in and around the city, Berane joined the action 28 years after the adoption of the Declaration on the Ecological State of Montenegro.

The planting action entitled "Let the forest be green!", organized by the General Secretariat of the Government of Montenegro and the Union of Municipalities of Montenegro, involved the Municipality of Berane, Utility Company, Forest Administration - Berane Regional Unit, pupils of the elementary school “Radomir Mitrovic” and NVU “North Country”.

"In this way, we want to draw the attention of the citizens of Berane and point out the importance of preserving the area in which we live and our beautiful nature. I hope that the fact that Montenegro is an ecological state will not remain only on paper and I believe that this action will positively affect all people and that we will give an example to others of how we preserve and improve what we have," emphasized the Secretary for Municipal Housing, Transport and Environmental Protection, Milos Kastratovic.

The contribution to the action was provided by the Utility company Berane, and director Savo Vucetic said that this was another action in the series in which this company is participating.

The head of the environmental protection department in the municipality Berane, Rita Barjaktarovic, said that the occasion for the celebration of this day was marked by nature itself.

"With such activities, in which we have good cooperation with schools and young people, we can show citizens that only through a joint partnership of public administration, schools and NGO sectors we can do more to improve the environment, make our city better, which we did today," said Barjaktarovic.

Employees of the Montenegrin Forest Administration are engaged in afforestation and landscaping of natural areas daily, so they are pleased to join this action.

"We chose black pine for planting because it grows well at these altitudes and also spruce as one very important species that is ideal for afforestation of areas like this one on Jasikovac," said the engineer Zivko Vukanic of the Forest Administration – regional unit Berane.

In the streets of Saint Sava, Sloboda and Mir, as well as the Memorial Park, Jasikovac 150 black pine and spruce seedlings were planted, 50 thuja, 30 ash tree seedlings, 20 maples and ten wild apples.

The Montenegrin Forest Administration provided 150 black pine and spruce seedlings and per ten ash and wild apple seedlings.

Utility company Berane provided 20 maple and 20 ash seedlings, while NVU "North Country" provided 50 seedlings of thuja.

Text by Tufik Softic, on September 20th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

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