New Options for Telekom Users: Gigabytes Grow Trees

By , 20 Sep 2019, 14:00 PM Lifestyle
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Landscaping and environmental protection have long been the focus of Telekom's social activities, both through individual actions and through support for similar projects through the contest "Za svako dobro".

As technology transforms our everyday lives and everything we do, Telekom has decided to take advantage of its opportunities and make it easier for citizens to get involved in the landscaping of Podgorica while rewarding them by introducing additional options into the application MOJE DRVO (MY TREE).

The new features of application MY TREE, developed by Telekom in collaboration with Amplitudo, now allows citizens to donate less than the total price of a seedling through two clicks on their mobile phones, and invite and organize friends to collect money to buy seedlings. 

Namely, thanks to the new features of the application, citizens can donate 3 or 5 euros that go to a joint landscaping fund for Podgorica. In return, Telekom's postpaid and prepaid customers who join the landscaping campaign receive gigabytes, i.e., 1GB for 3 euros donations and 3GB for 5 euros, which last 15 days.

By donating, users can share the invitation to a joint action on social networks, organizing their friends, neighbors and colleagues to join the action and raise funds for the seedlings together.

"We live in a world of new opportunities. Technology is undoubtedly changing the way we live and work, and it is up to us to recognize the opportunities it offers us. Amplitudo, the company that developed this application, recognized that there was space but also citizens' interest to give something special to their city and to follow up how much they contributed to the cleaner air by buying the seedlings. We at Telekom realized that seedlings could be made more accessible - which will further encourage citizens to be a part of this story - but also to spread the action through social networks and make it easier for the community to be part of it. That is why the money for the tree no longer has to be donated at once, and for each donation we donate gigabytes to raise awareness of the importance of a healthy, green environment, "said Gordana Spahic, Marketing Manager at the Montenegrin Telekom.

Telekom also notes that they are working with Amplitude to introduce other Montenegrin cities to the map of the application, which, they say, is of great interest to municipalities.

The application was enhanced in partnership with Amplitudo, which launched the application more than a year ago in collaboration with the Capital.

Text by Promo, on September 19th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

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