Montenegro Signed Initiative for Stepping Up Climate Ambitions

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Montenegro Signed Initiative for Stepping Up Climate Ambitions Copyrights: Pixabay

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19 September 2019 - Climate change is the key challenge of our time. Our generation was the first to experience an accelerated temperature rise around the world, and it will probably be the last, says the "Initiative for Stepping up Climate Ambitions," i.e., Declaration, which was signed by numerous world leaders – Milo Đukanović among others.

Đukanović will be the head of the Montenegrin delegation which is going to take part in a General debate scheduled to run from 24 to 30 September in New York. Montenegro will present the progress it has made in the implementation of sustainable UN agenda. It will also outline the plan for activities aimed at contributing to the global response to climate change.

"We, heads of states and governments, signatories to this Declaration, firmly believe that effective measures against climate change are necessary. We are sure that essential measures will help us lead our planet into a safe and prosperous future," reads the Declaration.

World leaders called on the international community and all signatories to Paris agreement to act together, with determination and speed, in order to stop the global climate crisis.

"Let’s use numerous possibilities and undertake measures against climate change. Let’s create a positive future for our planet," as noted in the Declaration, reports CdM.

Effects of this change have been documented and are felt everywhere in the world, like the dramatic increase in heat waves, floods, droughts and landslides, glacier shrinking and rise in sea level.

Declaration points out that the climate crisis concerns us all. Climate change affects the global economy, endangers different sectors, and is a serious threat to peace and stability in the world.

"In December 2015, the world witnessed an important moment of hope and trust: In COP 21, global community adopted Paris agreement with the aim of keeping the increase in the global average temperature below 2 °C while trying to limit temperature rise to 1,5 °C," pointed out the data in the Declaration.

Measures taken by the international community are not enough for achieving long-term goals established by the Paris agreement.

"On the basis of scientific and technical expertise, as well as financial funds, we have a collective task to do anything we can to stop climate change and adapt to its negative effects, while respecting the need for reasonable transition of our societies. In the light of findings of Special report of Inter-government panel on climate change and results of COP 24, we urge all Parties to make 2019 year of climate ambitions and attend the Climate Summit which will be convened by the UN Secretary-General," as was concluded on this occasion.

World leaders stress it is important to make sure that all financial flows are in accordance with the path leading to the reduction in greenhouse emissions. It is essential to request that all financial institutions harmonize their investments with long term goals set out in Paris agreement, intensify and increase investments in energy efficiency renewable energy, and to cut the investments in the economy of fossil fuels economy.

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