Firefighters Prevented Major Incident during Airplane Landing at Tivat Airport

By , 17 Sep 2019, 16:10 PM Lifestyle
Airplane from Moscow that had a minor malfunction Airplane from Moscow that had a minor malfunction

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A minor incident took place at Tivat Airport at 6.30 pm Monday when the plane of the Russian airline Red Wings landed on a regular flight from Moscow.

The aircraft type "Airbus A-321" (VP-BVO) landed as usual but when reducing the speed on the runway, for unspecified reasons, caused the overheating of the brakes on the bogie wheels.

Unofficially, smoke was blowing from the hot brakes, but no open flames erupted as Tivat airport firefighters intervened very quickly.

According to the procedure, in this kind of case, dry powder is used first, and when the temperature is cooler, then water was used on the hot wheels of the Russian plane, which cooled the overheated brakes.

"Our Protection and Rescue Service has intervened extremely effectively, professionally and quickly and prevented damage to the aircraft," said director of Montenegrin Airports Danilo Orlandic.

No injuries were reported in the incident and all passengers left the plane when it stopped at the Tivat Airport platform.

The plane that took part in the incident was therefore unable to return from Tivat to Moscow as scheduled.

"Red Wings' A-321 stayed in Tivat and will be inspected tomorrow by mechanics of that company. Hotel accommodation has been provided for the passengers that were supposed to travel to Moscow tonight," said Orlandic.

Text by Sinisa Lukovic, on September 16th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

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