Irena Rasovic: When Walls Speak Out and Colors Beat Greyness

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Irena Rasovic Irena Rasovic Luka Zeković

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"Fairy tales lay in me like seeds: all it takes is a breath of wind, a ray of sunshine or a drop of bitterness to dissolve into a flower." (Hans Christian Andersen). So it is with her. All she needs is a childish smile, a playful imagination, a brush and a palette of colors, and a dream become reality, and fairy tales the most beautiful way to a peaceful dream.

Her name is Irena Rasovic and people generally know her as a journalist who does her job professionally and with quality in dealing with "serious" topics. And she's much more than that. She, like her favorite painter Van Gogh, who has grown to her heart "because of his work, courageous color choices and emotional honesty, as well as his obsession with painting and the fate of a true tragedian, stares at the stars she always wants to dream." And she succeeds in that. Irena has been doing normal size paintings but also walls for years - turning cold marble into a fairy tale.


Irena Rašović (Photo: Luka Zeković)

“I finished literature studies at the Faculty of Philosophy in Niksic. Although during high school I planned and actively prepared for enrollment in the Academy of Fine Arts, participation in the creation of the gymnasium newspaper 'Steps', some radio shows on the then Second Radio Program of Montenegro, as well as the expressed love for literature, diverted me from that path," Irena said.

Fortunately, with her children and husband and a gift from her maid of honor, she returned to her original love.

“For me, painting walls is a quite new activity. The first works on the wall were made in the period when the children were young, in order to make their space more beautiful and more fun. The long corridor in the apartment at the time was a space that we completely painted. We all took a pen and a brush, and the fun began which continued from one cartoon character to another or a whole family. And that lasted for days. I think that was crucial and for the little ones to realize the importance of freeing their creativity and enjoying their creation. At the same time, my maid of honor Ivana brought me oil paints as a gift, a small reminder of a neglected hobby. Thus, begins a new circle of creation. Oil on canvas, acrylic paintings and murals”.

She admits, when it comes to painting walls, that she is a little cheerful for "unusual solutions, ideas that are not common", that children's rooms are "the most beautiful studio for her, and she enjoys the most in painting the characters that the little ones choose."


Irena Rašović (Photo: Luka Zeković)

“She is especially pleased by their reaction to the new ambience. While working in children's rooms, I also make new little-big friends. They keep a close eye on the painting; they are glad I welcome them to the team and allow them to participate in everything actively. It is not excluded that some of them will, spontaneously, continue their work in painting, or at least that they will admire new skills in the art class."

Recently, she breathed warmth to a kindergarten in Podgorica and colored it with the warmest colors. That, she said, was her biggest challenge.

"It was a real challenge both because of the variety of motives and the short deadline. It was only a few days before the start of the school year, and space for a variety of toddler activities was to be prepared. In addition, ideas were multiplied during the work, and the composition was complicated. In the end, however, everything was above all expectations. In this business, I love the surprise that the finished work brings. It's also hard to imagine how one seemingly simple image can enliven a space and add a new dimension to it. That was the case this time," Irena was pleased.


Illustration (Photo: Private archive)

And it is the pleasure of people and their surprise when they see a finished work that is her favorite compliment. And that glow in children's eyes that is immeasurable.

"I want to work harder to advance my skill. The art of painting space in our country has only recently been affirmed. I want to be with people who think alike in order to be part of actions to try to beautify our cities."

She may even succeed in doing this, and with people who paint with soul and see with heart, breathe new colors into the cities. Warmer and brighter. There is enough of greyness, anyway.

A safe journey to a peaceful sleep

It is best when you manage to keep the child within you. Many try it, but not all succeed. Irena succeeded.

"I love all fairy tales. I used to prefer Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales because of the elements of harsh reality, but today I find the role of the fairy tale quite different. A fairy tale must be a fairy tale full of magic, warmth and imagination and a safe journey to a peaceful sleep."

The blue of the sea and the sky

In Irena's pictures, the common motifs are the sea, sky, and boats. The blue in which “walks in the yellow and the orange”, but also other warm colors.

“I love the width, the sea, the sun, the clear sky. This is what dominates my paintings. I want the picture to be pleasing to the eye, for a person to enjoy looking at it.”

Text by Svetlana Mandic, on September 15th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

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