Repairs to Steps in Herceg Novi: Reconstruction Project Ready for Danica Tomašević Stairway

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Danica Tomasevic Stairway Danica Tomasevic Stairway Radio Jadran

It is impossible to think of Herceg Novi without its steps, which were mostly built at the start of the 20th century, as well as during the period of Turkish rule. No-one has yet counted how many steps there are, although many people do this - even in their sleep - when they know that they’ll be climbing them the next day. Admittedly, Herceg Novi writer Nikola Malović claims that the city is crisscrossed with 100,001 steps, an assertion which is gradually becoming widely accepted, especially among non-locals.

However, the steps are indeed the history of the city, and they need constant care. They are the key to communication through Herceg Novi, but over time, especially after the earthquake, the stairways have become damaged, with cracks and broken stone, slippery from the rain in winter, from other sources in summer, and heavy use. The odd touch up every now and again just wasn’t enough.

The City’s Construction and Development Agency is continuing with the renovation of the city stairways, and has developed a project to rebuild the Danica Tomašević Stairway, which leads from the Radius Printing House to the Pet Danica Promenade. The project has been approved by the Municipality of Herceg Novi, and the tender for the selection of contractors will be announced shortly.

The entire projected value of the works for the 193 flights with landings comes to 89,000 euros, and work should begin by the end of the year.

As the Agency informed Radio Jadran, the works on the damaged and in some places “hollow” stairways could be carried out in two phases or at the same time, depending on the plan envisaged by the Municipality of Herceg Novi.

The first phase will include improvements to the sewage network if needed, as well as repair of damaged balustrades and retaining walls. After this work is complete, it will be possible to pave it with natural, roughly hewn dolomite limestone.

At the same time, the surrounding walls of the stairway will be updated by scraping off the peeling patina and re-plastering. Where possible, new handrails will be installed, as well as bench seats.

As part of the project, the greening of the surrounding areas is also envisaged by combining shrubs and grassed areas, alongside the installation of public lighting.

Reconstruction of the steps in the Old Town will follow.

The Agency has also begun designing the reconstruction of the Marko Vojinović stairway, which leads from Bellavista Square to Forte Mare tower. As the Agency has previously stated, work here would require the involvement of conservationist.

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Marko Vojinović Steps - Radio Jadran


On the other hand, the smooth and slippery damaged steps that lead from Nikola Đurković Square to Škver – the 28th October stairway, as well as the stairway below the clock tower are crying out for a “more secure solution”. Although these old stairways, or rather the stones from which they are “stacked” still hold well, these are the busiest in Herceg Novi and are extremely worn out and dangerous. Almost every day this summer, one of the thousands of tourists climbing or descending fell, most often between the former Lazarev Garden to Pub Got.

The Agency states the works on these stairways is planned only once the work is finished on the Danica Tomašević and Marko Vojinović steps.



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