Wastewater Treatment Plant in Podgorica to be Completed by Early 2023

By , 15 Sep 2019, 14:12 PM Lifestyle
Wastewater Treatment Plant in Podgorica to be Completed by Early 2023 Copyrights: Pixabay

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15 September 2019 - The wastewater treatment plant in the capital will be completed in late 2022 or early 2023, Podgorica Water Supply Director Filip Makrid announced for Nova M.

In addition to building the collector, according to Director Makrid, around one and a half million euros will be spent on capital investment this year.

“We were able to secure a financial structure of around 45-46 million EUR. This financial structure consists of 11 million grants and 35 million funds received as a loan from Kfe Bank. We launched the implementation of this major project. What I can tell you now is that we did the preliminary reports as the first phase of consulting services,” Makrid said. According to him, the contractor for the wastewater treatment plant will be selected early next year.

“From now on, we hope that the project will be completed in about 30 months as planned, i.e. the contractor will have an obligation to build the main project or project documentation following the tender procedure and then to execute the project within 24 months. We expect that between the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023, the citizens of Podgorica should have a new facility and that the facility will be ready to service the capital's services within the next 25 years, ”he added.

As CdM reports, Makrid also announced that, with the help of the Government of Montenegro, as well as with the funds of Podgorica Water Supply Enterprise, one and a half million euros will be spent on capital investments this year.

“We have launched the activities on realization of the project in Lješanska nahija, where we have contracted about 250 thousand euros, in the villages of Bigor, Brežine, on the rehabilitation of primary and secondary network. On the other hand, in the next seven days, a tender will be opened for the construction of the Kaluđerovo oko and Kamenica primary pipeline. The estimated value is around 300 thousand euros and we hope that in this way we will look at some 500-550 thousand euros to invest in some continuity in the area of ​​Lješanska nahija," he said.

The company is continuously working on expanding the sewage network and building atmospheric sewage. However, activities in the municipality of Golubovci are also not missing.

“With the construction of the water supply network for Breislavci settlement, we are actually completing activities on the construction of water supply network in Mahala settlement. Water Supply Podgorica has also reconstructed several rural waterworks that were technically defective. In doing so, they ensured that the water reached the outermost village. About four million euros have been invested in the past for these purposes. In the entire rural area, we have regular water supply starting from Bioče, Piperi, Vranjine, and Komani. Construction work for the building for the employees of the company is going on as planned. Eighty-two employees will receive keys to the apartment in early October," Makrid concluded.

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