Katarina Crnogorac Continues Music Education in USA

By , 10 Sep 2019, 13:02 PM Lifestyle
Seventeen-year-old Katarina Crnogorac from Pljevlja Seventeen-year-old Katarina Crnogorac from Pljevlja Private archive

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Seventeen-year-old Katarina Crnogorac from Pljevlja traveled to the United States, where she will continue her education at a private music school in the town of Fargo.

That this is the case of a very talented pianist is confirmed by the scholarship, which, according to Katarina, is the only one received from all students from abroad studying in that school.

In the multitude of offers she received from Italy, Austria, Russia and other countries, Katarina says she chose to finish third and fourth grades at a renowned music school, founded in 1906 in North Dakota's largest city.

"After being offered the conditions that fit me perfectly, I decided to continue my education in America. My parents, my hometown and the school supported me in that decision. They gave me full support and instilled in me a trust that means a lot to me. All this gave me the strength to go there and to try to represent myself and my city Pljevlja in the best way possible, because there I represent our country. It was a very difficult moment to leave my parents, but I am aware that I am on the right track to realize all my dreams," Katarina told “Vijesti”.

After completing the elementary music school in Pljevlja, she finished the first and second grade of the secondary music school in Lazarevac.

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She represents Montenegro (Photo: Private archive)

She has won numerous awards and won first places in international competitions.

Katarina's departure for America is the merit of the music professor from Slovenia who recorded her appearance at one of the international competitions.

“I was fortunate that at an international competition in Belgrade, my performance was recorded by a professor at a music school in Slovenia, who showed this recording on numerous music websites. After a few days, calls from all sides began to arrive. They offered me schooling and scholarships. The school I attend has existed since 1906 and is very famous. It offers a wide range of education, so any college can be enrolled after it, since we have general subjects besides music. If someone changes their mind about music, they can enroll in something else, which in my case will not happen, because my life is music,” points out the young pianist who lives with a family in the United States, where she was welcomed well.

She says she's in the piano class with one of the best pianists in the US.

"The class lasts four hours, with seven more hours for practice. At the moment, my obligation at school is to give my maximum in everything I do."

After graduating from high school, Katarina says she intends to enroll in some of the best music colleges in America.

"It is an honor to meet some of the most respected people and professors at this college for a short time in the United States, who have been pleased with my playing and singing and especially appreciate my love for music."

Katarina points out that she has set the goal of one day becoming a famous pianist and music producer.

"Of course, I want to improve my education further and pass on this love of music to other people and the knowledge I will gain."

She told young people who intend to follow her footsteps that music is very difficult, but never let someone discourage you, but to encourage you instead and give you strength.

She points out that her late grandmother is meritorious that she is fond of music, but she is also grateful to her parents who support her in school.

The young pianist is also grateful to the professors in Pljevlja, from whom she acquired basic music knowledge.

“Professor Gavro Terzic introduced me to the world of music, and Tanja Bezarevic is responsible for making a big step in my music education. I graduated from elementary music school in Pljevlja with Professor Branka Miric. In Lazarevac, I was fortunate to be taught by Professor Aleksandar Stankovic, which made me a perfectionist in music.”

At the school in Lazarevac, Katarina had five hours of piano daily and practiced for seven hours every day.

"It is necessary to give up everything in order to succeed in what you love."

Text by Goran Malidzan, on September 8th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

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