Queen Jelena of Savoy Statue to be Erected in Podgorica

By , 08 Sep 2019, 02:30 AM Lifestyle
Queen Jelena of Savoy Statue to be Erected in Podgorica Copyrights: Ministry of Culture of Montenegro

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07 September 2019 - The Ministry of Culture fully supports the initiative for building the monument in the memory of Queen Jelena in Podgorica, having in mind the fact she is remembered in Montenegro and Italy for so many good deeds and has played a significant role in the history of both countries, said the Montenegrin Minister of Culture, Aleksandar Bogdanović, during the meeting with Prince Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy.

Culture Minister Bogdanović hosted Prince Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy, who is in an official visit to Montenegro, on September 7th. The meeting tackled many topics in relations to culture, possible ways of cooperation as well as joint activities that would affirm deeds of Queen Jelena of Savoy, the Ministry said in a statement.

Maintained through numerous historical moments, the exceptional relations between Montenegro and Italy, among which the relations between their royal dynasties should definitely be highlighted, make good grounds for future cooperation, concluded Bogdanović and Filiberto.

Mr Bogdanović reflected on the current joint activities of Italy and Montenegro, emphasizing that an exhibition dedicated to the Montenegrin Princess is planned for the next year.

“In addition, the meeting tackled the activities of the Ministry of Culture on the occasion of 140 years of establishing diplomatic relations between Montenegro and Italy,” said the Ministry in their official statement.

Minister Bogdanović and Prince Emanuele also discussed ways of possible cooperation and artistic exchange between the two countries.

Prince Emanuele said that he was pleased that he had encountered a number of constructive conversations during his stay in Montenegro, and that culture was a field for which he, as a writer, was particularly interested. In this context, he particularly emphasized the fact that Italian artists are actively engaged in supporting Montenegrin culture and creativity.

The Prince also expressed special appreciation for the initiatives concerning Queen Jelena, pointing out that the Italian people especially appreciated her historic role and her many benevolences. Prince Emanuele highlighted that he was ready to support all future joint projects of Montenegro and Italiy and that he would be happy to return to Montenegro.

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