Free Training and Equipment for Young People from Bijelo Polje

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NGO “Multimedia Montenegro” press conference in Bijelo Polje NGO “Multimedia Montenegro” press conference in Bijelo Polje Multimedija Montenegro

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The NGO “Multimedia Montenegro” in Bijelo Polje begins the realization of the project "Young, Innovative, Productive", in which eight participants, aged 18-24, will be trained in multimedia production, web development, internet marketing and use of free internet and the complete equipment will eventually remain to the trainees.

This type of project, said the president of the NGO Zeljko Djukic, is being implemented in Montenegro for the first time, and young people will then be more competitive in the labor market.


Djukic (Photo: Multimedija Montenegro)

 “One month is envisaged for theoretical and three practical training, after which mentors will be available. The project provided equipment that, when completed, will remain to the trainees. We will provide eight digital cameras, racks, lighting systems, lease of eight domains for the website, and web site hosting servers. In the competition for NGOs, we received the most funds from the Municipality of Bijelo Polje, but this is not enough, considering how much the equipment costs, so we will strive to provide more money through the project to make the equipment better," Djukic said at the press conference.

"We came up with the idea because a large number of young people are leaving Bijelo Polje, many cannot be employed, so we hope that this will at least somewhat prevent them from leaving," Djukic said.

Applications will be open until September 25, and candidates will be selected by a committee comprising representatives of that NGO, a project lecturer, a representative of the Office for Allocation of Funds from the Municipality of Bijelo Polje, and one independent member.

Lecturer on the project in the field of web development, e-commerce and video production, Adis Softic, said that this training is intended for those who want to pursue the most demanding job of today and are not able to study specific faculties.

“Web development today is a very attractive business that combines multiple skills - design and marketing skills. In the world of the web, many companies today use CMS solutions (content management system) and in the sea of ​​CMS solutions, word press stands apart. This web development training for beginners can be a springboard for many for future jobs. As there is a growing interest in starting a business, we decided to help and resolve any concerns in this area. In recent years, drop shipping or virtual intermediations in sales, has been current. As with online shopping, the goods are sent directly to the home addresses of the customers. So, a new way of selling and making money, with the chain appearing intermediaries who can make significant profits, and sellers have no advertising, promotion, or warehousing and shipping costs. One of the problems we face in Montenegro is that we are not incorporated into the Pay Pal system. It is the foremost leader in the world as far as billing is concerned, so we appeal to those charged with speeding up the process as it opens the door to anyone involved in online business," said Softic.

Lecturer for Graphic Design, Internet Technologies and Internet Marketing, Vojislav Djukic, said he would seek to train the trainees from the basics of design onwards.

"Design is all around us. We will pass on to the students the knowledge of the rules of composing photography, and the project should achieve the goal - from the branding of the design itself to YouTube monetization. We will train the students to put the theory into action - from the very design of the website, through the creation of the logo, branding, and everything else, ”Djukic said.

The mediator was Arnela Sahman, the project assistant.

Text by Dejan Perunicic, on September 3rd 2019, read more at Vijesti

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