Guide for Rural Households: How to Work in Tourism

By , 03 Sep 2019, 21:00 PM Lifestyle
Guide for Rural Households Guide for Rural Households Radio Jadran

Why engage in rural tourism, how to register a rural household, and what are the prospects for the development of rural tourism in Montenegro? These are the topics from a recently-published Guide for Rural Households by Dr Ilija Moric, who has himself been successfully working in rural tourism on Luštica for many years, and whose family is the only producer of organic olives in the country.

“Six months ago, the Ministry of Sustainable Development and  Tourism produced a study on the development of rural tourism in Montenegro, which showed it to be one of the fastest-growing branches of tourism and a huge opportunity for Montenegro. Currently, there are between 150 and 200 registered households involved in this kind of tourism, but their number is increasing on an almost daily basis,” stated Dr Moric to Radio Jadran.

The publication contains all the necessary guidelines for offering services in board and lodging for tourists in rural households.

“Registration has been changed and simplified. There are up to 200 households in Montenegro currently involved in rural tourism, and we expect this number to increase in the future. This is an excellent opportunity for households in coastal areas, where we have cruises, classic seaside and spa tourism, in other words where we already have mass tourism as such,” said Dr Moric.

These were also the reasons why the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, having produced the study, decided to print a Guide for Rural Households, with detailed guidelines on how to start out and manage the business.

“We have to explain why it is beneficial to be involved in rural tourism, how to start out, and the easiest way to develop and improve on what you are offering. The book deals with the principles of successful communication, how to welcome guests, how to look after them, and how to be a good host. The next section deals with registration, which is not complicated at all, and has advantages, because you can apply for funding. A registered rural household is entitled to several thousand Euros a year through an assistance programme to advertise what they offer. The guidebook contains a glossary of general expressions used in tourism, particularly for those who do not speak foreign languages,” our interviewee stated.

Dr Ilija Moric is himself very successful in rural tourism in Tići on Lustica, and is the author of the guidebook, which has a print run of 500 copies, with photography provided by Jovan Nikolić. The book is distributed by the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, which will distribute copies of the guidebook to interested rural homeowners.


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