Seawater of Good Quality for Swimming

By , 03 Sep 2019, 12:55 PM Lifestyle
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The seawater at the Montenegrin beaches is of good quality, sanitary correct, and safe for bathing and recreation.

This has been shown by the latest analysis done by the Institute of Marine Biology from Kotor for hundreds of bathing areas for the needs of Public company “Morsko dobro”.

 “The results of the analysis of seawater quality for 100 public beaches conducted by the Institute of Marine Biology from 27 to 29 August showed that in 91 of them the quality of seawater was K1 class, while in nine baths it was K2 class. Out of the total 16 beaches in Ulcinj, 15 of them were of excellent K1 quality, while one beach was of K2 class. In Bar, out of 13 bathing areas, the analyzes showed the quality of K1 in 10 of them, while in 3 the water was of class K2. At all 26 beaches in Budva municipality, water was of excellent quality K1, and the same situation was in Tivat, where water quality was K1 class at all nine bathing facilities. In the municipality of Kotor, out of a total of 15 bathing areas, the quality of K1 was recorded at 13, and at 2 of them, the quality was K2. Analyzes of seawater quality in Herceg Novi have shown the quality of K1 at a total of 18 bathing areas, while at three beaches the water was of the K2 class”, it was stated from “Morsko dobro”.

Text by Vuk Lajovic, on September 2nd, 2019, read more at Vijesti

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