Herceg Novi to Receive 400,000 Euros for Four New EU Projects

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Four new projects have been approved and prepared by the Herceg Novi Municipality Office for International Cooperation and partners. This continues the active participation of the Municipality in the EU - Europe for Citizens Programme.

“Here we are talking about a total value of close to 400,000 Euros, which will encourage the strengthening of cooperation between local communities from various European countries, civil activism, volunteering and the development of youth policies,” the Head of the Office, Simonida Kordić, told Radio Jadran.

The Office will be representing the Herceg Novi Municipality in the following projects: Awareness of Common History for Identifying and Extending the Values of Europe-ACHIEVE; European Volunteering Engagement Network-EVEN; European Youth Empowerment – Festivals – EYE and European Volunteering is the Key of Evolution – EVOKE, explains Kordić.

“Through these projects, we are strengthening ties and the position of our municipality internationally. We must be aware that, as a municipality whose primary economic activity is tourism and therefore, by definition, a “cultural product”, we are competing internationally, and competition is extremely fierce. That is why we must be better connected and better presented to the international community through bilateral relations as well as through project partnerships. So, besides the fact that through the projects a certain amount of money flows into the municipal budget, and covers the salary costs of those involved in the implementation of the projects, we also have the opportunity to expand our international network in which each individual who wishes to can find his or her place,” adds Kordić.

Starting this summer, the Herceg Novi Municipality will start implementing projects that relate to the following:

ACHIEVE - Comprises 14 partners from 11 countries aiming to strengthen the common European identity through finding and promoting elements that bring together different European peoples and cultures. Particular attention will be paid to dialogue on specific features of local communities, as well as to how individuals understand identity and the history of the climate they come from. The project will also deal with the issue of growing Euroscepticism and ways it can be curbed. The Office for International Cooperation will, within the scope of the project, carry out a series of activities which will primarily offer young people the opportunity to discuss and create content linked to common European values, local history and customs, Euroscepticism and other topics covered by the project.

EVEN - The main goals of this project are the strengthening of civil activism, primarily promotion of volunteering in the smaller local communities and supporting broader involvement of citizens in decision-making processes at all levels. Nineteen partner organisations from 17 countries are involved in the project, and it is envisaged that over 470 people, primarily young volunteers, youth workers, representatives of civil society groups and local administrations will participate in the various project activities.

EYE - This project will deal with the issue of European solidarity, particularly the importance of building trust between current and future EU members. Within the project, five youth EYE festivals are planned, at which young people will have the opportunity to exchange ideas and reflections on what it means to be an EU citizen, cooperation between European countries and the future of our continent. The Fifth EYE Youth Festival will be held in Herceg Novi, and throughout the two-day festival various events will be held, such as a workshop on the theme of common European achievements, and evenings dedicated to various cultures, debates, panel discussions, and Live Action Role Play. The project brings together six partner organisations from Finland, Italy, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro.

EVOKE - Exchange of examples of good practice and identifying new, innovative solutions for local community development are the main ideas behind this project. The project also advocates cooperation and solidarity between states in times of economic crisis, as well as working together to combat poverty. This project involves eleven city-partners from nine countries.

The Office for International Cooperation announces that the public will be kept informed in due time of all project activities to be taking place in Herceg Novi. At the same time, it calls on all interested parties to participate in any of the planned events, which they point out will be both interesting and useful, as well as being the best way to present the town to both project partners and the wider European audience.

Source: Radiojadran.com

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