Sustainable Education Projects Received Budget of 50 Million EUR

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Sustainable Education Projects Received Budget of 50 Million EUR Copyrights: JU Gimnazija "Slobodan Škerović"

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28 August 2019 - If everything goes according to plan, the construction of a kindergarten in Rožaje, Blok VI in Podgorica, Pljevlja and Herceg Novi will start this year, said Minister of Education, Damir Šehović. He announced a new project – the introduction of digital classrooms and changing the so-called ethos of schools – making students study for the knowledge, not for grades.

Minister Šehović confirmed the construction of kindergartens in City kvart, Bloc VI, Tuški put, Stari Aerodrom, Zlatica in Podgorica, as well as in Bijelo Polje, Berane, Plav, Pljevlja, Rožaje, Bar and Ulcinj, and added that 38 capital projects worth 50 million EUR confirmed the government’s commitment to investments in long-term and sustainable projects.

"Our objective is to bring projects close to completion. When it comes to internal procedures, we do not procrastinate. I want to praise the efficiency of the Ministry of Education," said Šehović as CdM reported.

In the prior period, the Ministry has been working on restoring the credibility of professional education – the realization of dual education and providing support to third-degree students. As Minister says, the emphasis will be put on high-quality practice. Starting from September, around 800 students will be attending dual lectures.

"Make something using your own two hands is something one should be proud of. To know how the world functions, is that a small thing," asked Šehović.

The Montenegrin education system needs more high-quality understanding of the process and connection of lessons from different areas. In that context, digital technology is one of the most important mechanisms. Digital technology is not simply installing a computer in the classroom. It's more about urging the lecturers and students to use the Internet and computers for stimulating children to create their own contents.

"To be more precise, a child can learn to memory that DNA carries genetic instructions. But the high-quality animated image of DNA structure, its modifications, offers more comprehensive and more applicable knowledge," pointed out Minister.

In cooperation with the British Council, the Ministry will distribute around 4000 micro bit computers to every elementary school in Montenegro.

"Also, around 3 million EUR will be intended for the equipment of school cabinets. However, it is only the beginning, since digital technology requires the use of Internet, computers and software skills," stressed out Šehović.

Commenting on the announced changes in specific subjects programs, Šehović said that subjects of general education will still make a great segment of overall high school program. Changing one group of mandatory courses into elective has drawn criticism as representatives of the Association of Teachers of social subjects claimed that it would bring into question the concept of civil society.

"A citizen and civil society are not synonyms for pure theoretical knowledge. I would say that civil society contains openness for different individual needs. Such citizens are created by harmonious relation between theoretical knowledge and its practical application," added Šehović.

He points out that the Ministry knew how to praise the success Montenegrin students made in numerous regional and international competitions. A giant step forward in that context was the establishment of the Fund for Quality and Talents, which grants several thousand awards to the best students every year.

Minister also reminded that students should be urged to understand what they learn and that Ministry has started working on the promotion of pre-school education.

"We now have 1700 new places in kindergartens, several new kindergartens and numerous units adapted to function as kindergartens. We are slowly but surely addressing the problem of overbooked kindergartens," concluded Šehović.

Šehović finally added that a country whose citizens have a taste and know-how to swim out of the sea of emptiness would keep up with its development course.

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