A Dangerous Sea Mollusk Appeared in Adriatic

By , 27 Aug 2019, 13:03 PM Lifestyle
Hermodice carunculata Hermodice carunculata Jedro.me

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A flaming worm has been breeding around Queen's Beach in Canj and behind Voluica - in areas where unscrupulous people catch fish with dynamite.

It is a vulture that feeds on dead fish, which is why it reproduces itself in the aforementioned locations and is dangerous for people who touch it - a reader of the portal “Jedro” reports.

Following this information, “Jedro” spoke to doc. dr sc. Maja Krzelj from the Department of Marine Studies at the University of Split, who, together with a colleague from the Italian region of Marche, monitors a population of this species.

This species seems to be increasing in numbers along our coast. Global warming is helping to spread fireworms in the Mediterranean Sea. Furthermore, the worm has few predators because it is not a frequent prey, and even fishers do not use it for bait.

It is dangerous to touch. The white tufts are made up of thin needles called bristles and contain toxins. Like the "fire coral", the name fireworm comes from the pain and burning sensation you feel when you come in contact with the bristles.

Unlike many types of worms that are characterized by unobtrusive colors, the fireworm is easily noticeable due to its red color, spill-over color effect, significant size and white tufts that adorn its body.

Text by Jedro.me, on August 26th, 2019, read more at CdM

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