Culture Centre Tivat Completed Shooting Two Films in August

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Culture Centre Tivat Completed Shooting Two Films in August Our Lady and Cruiser, copyright Culture Centre Tivat

26 August 2019 - Tivat Culture Centre (CZK) completed filming a short documentary "Peace of Our Lady", scripted and directed by Vladimir Perovic, on 21 August, said CZK producer Jelena Bozovic. The film was supported by funds from the Municipality of Kotor, through last year's competition of the Municipal Secretariat for Culture, Sports and Social Activities to support individual cultural creativity.

It is the Lady of the Rocks, a magnificent islet in front of Perast, where, according to tradition, more than four and a half centuries ago, when it was an ordinary cliff, sailors found a holy image of the Virgin with her child. The Perast people then supplemented the cliff for decades bringing stones, created an islet and erected a church there, a holy place for believers, pride for all the inhabitants of Boka, an unavoidable tourist destination made by pilgrims from all over the world, all cultures, nations, religions.

Our Lady's Peace is not about legend or tourist promotion, though it does carry both. The film, defined by the author as a creative documentary or as a visual essay, places the centuries-old peace of this unique cultural, historical and religious destination in the context of a booming tourist season. Crowded as if in a hive, the sea around the islets as a crowded thoroughfare of a metropolis. Speedboats, scooters, yachts, sailing boats, boats, water carriages, and of course huge cruisers, wandering through Verige like some prehistoric beasts, and their enormity and sluggish creep - as if threatening purity, beauty, peace, all that the spiritual atmosphere that Our Lady carries…

The team worked intensively, sometimes even 15 hours a day, from dawn until late into the night. The extremely efficient team consisted of Vladimir Perovic, Ivan Cojbasic, Jelena Bozovic and Neno Bubonja, and great help and support were provided by Blažo Krivokapić and don Srecko Juric, who has given permission for the film to be made on and around the islet.

If both editing and post-production goes as planned, as it was on set, the Culture Centre expects the film to premiere at the end of November.

On August 15, the same crew completed the final stage of shooting another short documentary, Ognjilo, which stretched to almost three years due to the extension of the transmission line through Katunska nahija (an integral part of the film).

Throughout his days, seasons, and the year, this film follows a highlander from the Katun karst, a man into whose landscape, into whose space, into whose life move strange, huge metal neighbours. He continues to live his life as he has lived it and as generations of his ancestors have lived.

The symbol of that life is the tinder from the title, a small, simple, old-fashioned accessory that makes sparks from flint stones. The film is scheduled to premiere at the end of November and then launch into festival life in the world.

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