Savo Pavlović Presents 50 Years of Artwork in Budva

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Savo Pavlović Presents 50 Years of Artwork in Budva Savo Pavlovic, copyright Museums and Galleries Budva

20 August 2019 - Savo Pavlovic will present his artwork at a retrospective exhibition of paintings "Records of Duration" on Thursday, August 22 at 7.30 pm at the Modern Gallery "Jovo Ivanovic" in Budva, as announced by Public Institutions Museums and Galleries of Budva (JU Muzeji i galerije Budve) Public Relations.

The exhibition will mark 50 years of the artist's work. Taking into account his rich artistic oeuvre, the exhibition will be staged in all exhibition spaces of the JU Museums and Galleries of Budva. Over 130 watercolors, drawings, paintings of different dimensions will be placed in the Red Commune Memorial House, the Rezevici Memorial House, the Jovo Ivanovic Modern Gallery and the Stefan Mitrov Ljubisa Memorial Home. The curators of the exhibition are Milijana Istijanović, MA and Jasmina Lazović, MA. The exhibition will be opened by Marin Ivanovic, MA, an art historian from Dubrovnik.

State Secretary of the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro Sandra Durbuzovic, Deputy Mayor of Budva Vladimir Bulatovic and Director of the Museums and Galleries of Budva, Lucija Djuraskovic, MA, will also speak at the opening.

In the accompanying catalog, art historian Marin Marinovic, MA, says: “We will make the greatest contribution to the consideration of Savo Pavlovic's entire artistic oeuvre if we start from the end, or if we emphasize a few final features of his more recent works. Namely, if we consider completely abstract ways of thinking about form in the Horizons cycle, which inherited the reference and descriptive landscapes of the native land, portraits, coastal waves and continental landscapes, and especially figurative motifs of marine fauna, do we understand them either as a natural consequence of the disintegration of form ... or , in turn, as a product of external influence, in response to external factors and the transposition of the perception of society into visual forms.

From that extreme, or today’s point, which has formal and social implications, we return to a very early work, A Portrait of Uncle Andrew from 1968, in which we can identify two important starting points in Pavlovic's painting. The first certainly represents the use of watercolours, which in later years came to its full maturity and characterized his entire artistic work; the necessary courage for such a commitment should not be overlooked, since it is undoubtedly one of the most demanding visual techniques, which, unlike any other, moves from light to dark and not vice versa, or in which it is only possible to add but not to take away, which also means that the possibility of repair is very limited, if not impossible. The second is the origin of its solid form, which we find as an authoritative personal determinant of the use of watercolours in later years.

Although this is seemingly incompatible with watercolor, that is, we might think that this undoes the peculiarities of this technique compared to others, we still need to establish how Pavlovic found his "formula", a specific and authentic amalgam of the sharpness and rigidity he wants to achieve, and of the indigenous and the inherent characteristics of the medium itself in terms of its laziness and softness. "

Savo Pavlovic was born in Bar in 1947. He graduated from the School of Applied Arts in Sarajevo, the Higher Pedagogical School - Fine Arts in Belgrade, and the Faculty of Fine Arts in Rijeka. In addition to his constant involvement in ateliers in his homes in Petrovac and Rezevici, he was also engaged in teaching. He is a member of the Association of Fine Artists of Montenegro. He is a participant in many collective exhibitions. He has had over twenty solo exhibitions so far. He studied in Rome (1976), Athens (1985) and Paris (1991).

The exhibition will be open until September 22nd.

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