Art and Antiques Fair "Earth Stone and Fire" to be Held in Luštica Bay

By , 19 Aug 2019, 22:48 PM Lifestyle
Art and Antiques Fair "Earth Stone and Fire" to be Held in Luštica Bay Chedi Hotel, copyright Lustica Bay

The Art and Antiques Fair “Earth, Stone & Fire” will be held for the second time at the Chedi Hotel, presenting some of Montenegro's most significant artists from August 23, as well as a unique antique exhibition with a focus on the Venetian Republic," the Chedi Hotel said.

"During the three-day festival, Montenegrin sculptors Velibor Pavicevic, Joveta Ljumovic, Miodrag Scepanovic and Milija Stojanovic will be presented with their artwork, carefully crafted with incredible expressionist expressions reflected in every move.

When it comes to the antique exhibit, regional collectors will be introduced to the audience, one of whom is Budva art historian Nadezda Kovacevic.

She will present the audience a collection of 18th-century European porcelain, which she has collected for decades across Boka, with special emphasis on the 17th-century collection of silver and chalice made at royal shops in Augsburg, Germany.

Particularly important is the segment of exhibits of applied art that can be seen on offer at various European art platforms and fairs by a group of artists from the Blatobran Association in Belgrade.

The fair will feature artists Marija Milin, Bojana Jokmanovic, Lana Tikvasha, Bojana Ristevski, and Sonja Gajic.

The ticket price for The Earth, Stone & Fire Art and Antiques Fair is € 2 and can be purchased at the entrance to the hotel,” the statement said.

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