Senior Cards Soon in Tivat After Youth Cards Proven Successful

By , 15 Aug 2019, 21:13 PM Lifestyle
Senior Cards Soon in Tivat After Youth Cards Proven Successful Darka Ognjanovic, copyright Radio Tivat

Seniors cards are likely to be in use in Tivat soon, as announced by the municipality secretary for Youth, Sports and Social Affairs. “The Strategy for the Elderly is being drafted and, following some examples from practice, I think we will soon have Senior Cards, in addition to Youth Cards. These cards will help the elderly population in the city in the best possible way. They will have discounts at certain institutions, retail chains and the like, which will at least make their age a little easier,” MSc Darka Ognjanovic, secretary of the Secretariat for Youth, Sports and Social Affairs of the municipality of Tivat said.

Senior cards have an age limit, which is prescribed by law, meaning that all residents of the city over 64 will be able to obtain it. According to her, entrepreneurs need to recognize their interest in humanity and thus be the bearer of social responsibility towards the eldest.

She also highlighted the great success with the Youth card, which is in use in Tivat. Graduates are now at an advantage as they will be entitled to discounts in the cities where the excursion takes place for the first time, namely in Vienna, Budapest, and Prague.

Ognjanovic pointed out that the municipality of Tivat may be the first to draft legal acts that serve as an example to other municipalities. The Decision for Alternative Accommodation for Persons in Social Need is in preparation, the first such model. Otherwise, the Social Housing Programme, one of the first in Montenegro came to life.

"After five years, the Commission for Reduction of Social Rights in Housing for Social Category started to work, so we expect that in the spring we will have a new Public Call for the allocation of apartments to people in social need. Some people have outdated rights, some have lost them and some have changed status. This is an entire area that has been covering only three people from the Secretariat for three months now," explained Darka Ognjanovic, announcing the idea of ​​joining a major project next year - building a Day Care Centre for the elderly.

These centres are different from nursing homes, she pointed out, giving an example of a Center of this kind in Maribor, which she has seen. The institution looks completely different from the nursing home - various educational and entertaining courses fill the time in a quality way for the users.

Source Radio Tivat

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