Does Overtourism Pose a Threat to Montenegro?

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Does Overtourism Pose a Threat to Montenegro? Copyrights: Official Website of the Disnification Map

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12 August 2019 - The Disneyfication Map online service, which reviews overtourism, ranked Montenegro in the top 10 list of countries which are endangered by overtourism, with an estimated 3.02 tourists per capita.

Does Overtourism Pose a Threat for Montenegro

The Disneyfication Map visualizes the number of tourists visiting the countries of the world, in proportion to the local population. The map is an attempt to show where over-tourism could be hurting the local population and the visited areas.  Overtourism is a new term to describe the situation of having so many visitors in one location that it harms the locals and the environment.

The map uses data from the World Bank to show which countries have the most tourists in comparison to each country's population. The redder countries have more tourists and the greener countries have fewer tourists per capita.

As well as showing in red the countries where over-tourism might be a problem, the Disneyfication map also highlights cities which might be suffering from excessive numbers of visiting tourists.

Does Overtourism Pose a Threat for Montenegro 2

Montenegro occupies the sixth position on the list of countries endangered by overtourism, while the neighbouring Croatia is second, with an estimated share of 3.78 guests per capita.

The complete list of countries endangered by overtourism looks like this:

Iceland - 6.52 tourists / inhabitant

Croatia - 3.78 tourists / inhabitant

Bahamas - 3.64 tourists / resident

Austria - 3.34 tourists / resident

Cyprus - 1.01 tourists / resident

Montenegro - 3.02 tourists / inhabitant

Greece - 2.53 tourists / resident

Estonia - 2.47 tourists / inhabitant

Ireland - 2.15 tourists / resident

Denmark - 2.04 tourists / resident.

Does Overtourism Pose a Threat for Montenegro 4

The service also made a list of ten cities that are affected by overtourism the most, and it looks like this:

Cinque Terre (Italy) - 4,800 tourists / resident

Hallstatt (Austria) - 1,283 tourists / resident

Old Town of Dubrovnik (Croatia) - 1,000 tourists / resident

Venice (Italy) - 364.64 tourists / resident

Santorini (Greece) - 128.62 tourists / resident

Salzburg (Austria) - 45.94 tourists / resident

Kyoto (Japan) - 36.39 tourists / resident

Palma de Mallorca (Spain) - 32.26 tourists / resident

Jeju Island (South Korea) - 24.8 tourists / resident

Amsterdam (Netherlands) - 22.5 tourists / resident

Some of the effects of overtourism are the unbearable crowds that bother not only the locals but also the tourists themselves, crowds in public spaces or public transportation, local traditions and institutions being lost and being replaced by souvenir shops and the negative impacts on the environment.

The country shading shows which countries have the most tourists in comparison to their population. However, overtourism isn't the same as mass tourism. Some locations can cope with millions of tourists, while others struggle to handle a small increase.

The greener a country, the more likely it is that locals surround you during peak season.

Every city or location that is marked with a red dot is either struggling with overtourism or has been repeatedly mentioned in news articles and research related to overtourism.

The map is available at the DisnificationMap's official website.

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