Water Reservoir in Gradiosnica Will Be Completed by End of September

By , 07 Aug 2019, 21:28 PM Lifestyle
Water Reservoir in Gradiosnica Will Be Completed by End of September Water Reservoir, copyright

The water reservoir in the Tivat settlement Gradiošnica, for which the Government of Montenegro has allocated close to EUR 547 thousand, was supposed to be built a month ago, but construction is delayed. It will be completed by the end of September, according to the Public Works Administration.

"The dynamics, which was originally scheduled to complete the works by the end of August, has somewhat been slowed down by the resolution of construction material disposal during excavation and by severe weather, which has recently caused the collapse of concrete structures," the statement said.

The contractor, the Bauer Company, is currently performing reinforcement work and preparing for the erection of the concrete structure, while all earthworks have been completed.

"The connection of this facility to the water supply network will significantly resolve the issue of water supply to all the areas from Župa to the airport, that is Gradiošnica, Vrijes, Dumidran, Mrčevac, Brdišta, Solila, as well as the area of ​​St. Mark’s. In addition to providing locals with quality and continuous supply, water will flow from the reservoir to the location where the golf course is planned to be built," the administration added.

The tank is 2,000 cubic meters in volume and will be filled from the regional water supply system.

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