Vanja Puskar & New Balkan Cuisine Premieres in Montenegro!

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Vanja Puskar Vanja Puskar

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20 days

30 places

40 creations

This summer, Vanja Puskar and New Balkan Cuisine will transfer their workshop from Belgrade to Budva, where they will stay in an exclusive location within the Dukley Gardens complex from August 5 to August 25. The innovative New Balkan Cuisine concept defines food in a new way. It gives a new meaning to traditional Balkan cuisine, seeks new tastes in those already discovered, and another local resource favors additional attention and commitment - Montenegro. The combination of seemingly incompatible flavors and odors, the contrast of rare ingredients, the awakening of all senses. It is an inseparable link between the site, the heritage, and the seasonality of foods when the goal is to create an unusual, special ... something that connects the consumer with time and space. 

Contrast of mountains and the sea 

Merging two expressions into one 

Playing with all senses

Creating emotions

Marine notes, combined with the details of continental Montenegro, and carefully selected ingredients, will create a unique experience of the taste of this region and present a new direction of modern gastronomy.

With the support of the chiefs at the restaurant Dukley Beach Lounge, the menu will be changed three times in 20 days, and each will be inspired by seafood and the specific character of this region.

Vanja and his team will bring you to a completely different gastronomic journey and, through 8 gangs, will present new forms and ways of enjoying food.

Vanja’s philosophy of preserving the original values ​​is reflected in cooperation with local producers, and the terms "bio" and "organic" will not be found in his dictionary, they are as such by default.

The concept will be followed by carefully selected, vintage wines from the Balkans, which you will not find in the markets. Wines that will complement the tastes and make these 20 days special. On this journey, New Balkan Cuisine creations will expand all your senses and awaken emotions through snacks. 

Info and reservations: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / +382 69 160 003 Number of places is limited. 

Who is Vanja Puškar? Vanja Puskar is the founder and curator of the New Balkan Cuisine concept and the chief cook at the restaurant Iris. Born in 1986 in Prijedor, Bosnia and Herzegovina. After finishing his education, he continued his career in Belgrade.


Vanja Puskar (Photo: LCF)

He is active on the project "Modern Serbian Cuisine" and is one of the founders of "Chefs Club Beograd". His culinary approach is based on the use of local foods in combination with modern processing techniques.

He supports and promotes local manufacturers with whom he shares a vision.

"When you know the manufacturer, you are able to transfer his attention, energy, and affection from the food through the plate to the final consumer."

In 2016, he launched the project "New Balkan Cuisine".

Iris presents the studio "NewBalkanCuisine".


Iva Bogunovic (Photo: LCF)

The New Balkan Cuisine concept changes food, and through it also the culture of consuming and thinking about the same.

They adapt the food to present time, expectations, needs, and they feel that they have the knowledge and experience to understand and adequately modify it.


Milan Lekic (Photo: LCF)

They preserve their original values while shifting and aligning the shape with the time in which we live, which creates a whole new experience of consuming food. This is the main task of the New Balkan Cuisine concept.

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