Ban on Bicycles and Electric Scooters in Tivat

By , 24 Jul 2019, 16:51 PM Lifestyle
Ban on Bicycles and Electric Scooters in Tivat Opština Tivat

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The Office for Communal Affairs, Transport and Energy Efficiency for the Tivat Municipality have announced that between the hours of 7 pm and 11 pm daily, the Pine Boardwalk, Marshal Tito Street and Ivo Vizin Boardwalk will be closed to bicycles and electric scooters.

“The measure has been taken in response to an increase in the number of cycle and scooter users on the boardwalk who travel at a speed that is a real danger to pedestrians, particularly small children,” highlights the Tivat Municipality.

electric scooter

 Electric scooter, photo: Pixabay


They add that they are in the process of installing vertical traffic signs specifying the ban. These will also be used by the relevant authorities in their response.

“We would, therefore, request the understanding of the users of these two-wheelers, as our primary concern is the safety of children and pedestrians, as well as that of the users themselves,” states the Tivat Municipality.

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