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Beats Per Montenegro Beats Per Montenegro

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The program "Creative Montenegro", launched by the Ministry of Culture, gave the first results this year.

At the first competition within the aforementioned program, which will establish the Montenegrin cultural product, as a result of cooperation between the creative sector and the business-commercial, a total of 11 authors are supported. There are 10 projects and products, and one scientific study.

By providing basic conditions and means for work - space, equipment, promotions, etc. we can say with certainty that the Ministry together with the authors successfully launched 10 new businesses in culture, which is why we want to motivate other artists to apply for their future contests with their initiatives and ideas. Bearing in mind the significance of the program "Creative Montenegro", primarily in terms of affirming the authors and the significance of their projects for the creation of the Montenegrin cultural product, the Ministry of Culture will endeavor to present to the public each of them, with the projects which they are authors. The author of one of the 11 ideas supported by the contest "Creative Montenegro" is Nikola Rajovic from Podgorica, who have applied for the project of establishing a music label, which should connect related authors in the field of music production and present them to the global market through popular publishers’ channels. The publishing house, primarily focused on the field of electronic music and related genres, will be named "Beats Per Montenegro" (BPM). According to Nikola Rajovic, BPM deals with the creation, design, and packaging of sound as a product. "During the current phase of this project, we are also working on a compilation called "Beats Per Montenegro ", where we will present the work of various artists who mostly deal with electronic sounds. The key mission is to treat sound like a product and distribute through channels that are today dominant in the world, therefore in digital format," Rajovic pointed out. The key objective is to make BPM be a service for local musicians.

"Beats Per Montenegro" was founded to serve as a service and support to local musicians and producers, and that would help with the bureaucracy itself, to help select some foreign labels and other partners in this context, "Rajovic concluded.

He emphasizes that the program "Creative Montenegro" has been of great use in his ambition to bring the project to life.

Text by CdM, on July 20th, 2019, read more at CdM

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