Milos Radunovic of Podgorica: "100 Drawings for 100 Trees"

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"100 Drawings for 100 Trees" "100 Drawings for 100 Trees" Private archive

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 For the price of two lemonades in Bokeska street, you can get a small drawing and plant a tree, reads the message to the public through Facebook by the Academic painter Milos Radunovic, one of those who supported the idea of ​​the Organization KOD, to provide 100,000 new trees in Podgorica in the next two years. From Podgorica himself, launched the action "100 drawings for 100 trees", which is his way of contributing to the KOD’s idea for landscaping. "Launching the action "100 drawings for 100 trees" is a significant small step and allows everyone to participate in creating a better society and environment. Within the auspices of a major project of the Organization KOD and the initiative for planting 100,000 trees, you donate planting material for the purchase of small drawings. With every 5 EUR purchased in drawings, you can plant at least one tree, for which 50 percent of the income is allocated, and a little artwork remains there as a reminder," he told “Vijesti”.

 About himself, he says that his work "includes research and understanding of natural laws, mostly through the use of painting and drawing material, combined with the substance from nature."

Milos Radunovic of Podgorica 100 Drawings for 100 Trees

Radunovic (Photo: Facebook)

"The basis of everything is the drawing, which comes to me quite spontaneously and often I identify it with some therapy. During work, I concentrate my attention exclusively on thoughts, emotions and a sense of visual alignment of elements, in an attempt to extract the essence of the present moment through the abstraction. In addition to the drawings, I also look for abstraction in aqueous solutions of dyed matter, which I paint on various geometric processes on paper, primarily by evaporation and sedimentation".

His works, entitled "Fragments", will be available in September, exhibited in the Gallery “Club” of the Center of Contemporary Art as part of the exhibition "Fragments of Light", which he realizes together with his colleague and friend Igor Husag.

With the project "100 drawings for 100 seedlings", Radunovic, as he says, wants to encourage others to act.

"With this project, like the others before, I want to encourage awareness of the need for small actions. For the smallest, first step, because anyone can plant a tree, clean it in front of your building, or repair a broken bench and thus set an example. We have to build ourselves, and others will follow. We create a better society by making ourselves better."

The organization KOD launched the campaign "100,000 trees" in September last year.

With funds from the donations for Milos's drawings, KOD will implement the action of afforestation of one of the bare hills in Podgorica. They reminded that the initiative of 100,000 trees emerged as a need for citizens and, as Mirza Krnic from the organization says, "citizens are upgrading and complementing it in different ways".

"We are especially pleased that the painter Milos Radunovic has launched the initiative in which a part of the sales revenue from the drawings of trees will be paid to the bank account of the initiative 100,000 trees in several months maximum. The organization KOD will make this donation public on its site and in the usual way, document the action of planting trees that are bought for that money. With these funds, with the additional help of the KOD, a campaign of afforestation of one of the bare hills will be realized - but more details about it when the time comes.

Text by Damira Kalac, on July 21st, 2019, read more at Vijesti

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