Barovic Meets with Winners of Thirteenth July Award

By , 19 Jul 2019, 14:19 PM Lifestyle
Barovic at the meeting with the winners of the award Barovic at the meeting with the winners of the award Svetlana Mandić

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Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy in Niksic, Prof. Dr. Goran Barovic, hosted this year's winners of the Thirteenth July Award, Prof. Dr. Bozidar Sekularac, the publicist Dragan Perovic and the writer Pavle Goranovic. On this occasion, they were handed the "Geographical Lexicon of Montenegro" by prof. Dr Branko Radojicic. Barovic said that Sekularac spent two decades working at the Faculty of Philosophy, while Perovic and Goranovic, started or completed their studies at the aforementioned high education institution.

"All three work on the disclosure of unknown topics in Montenegro, and develop and spread the culture. At the Faculty, we have an open-desk where free intellectuals speak, with unspecified topics, so I invite you to be our guests in the autumn and hold a lecture of your choice," Barovic said.

On behalf of the laureates, Bozidar Sekularac expressed their gratitude and said that the three of them would not stop at this but would continue to work and create.

"I left a part of myself at this faculty, and the faculty also incorporated into me a high culture and rating that the college gives to one professor. Working at the university that at one time had 19 study programs is a pleasure and an honor," said Sekularac, and thanked Barovic for the reception.

Perovic gave two copies of the book "Stefan Perovic Cuca – orepak bica" to the Faculty's library, and Sekularac emphasized that he regularly submitted his works to the Faculty of Philosophy and that he did it for . the book "Montenegro in the Age of Crnojevic".

Perovic, a literary historian, publicists, was awarded for the author's TV series "“Crnogorci sentom po svijetu”,, for the cycle of the show “Istjerivač mitova”  and the book "Stefan Perovic Cuca – orepak bića”. Sekularac received the highest state recognition for the book "Montenegro in the Age of Crnojevic", and Goranovic for the book "Poetry”.

Text by Svetlana Mandic, on July 18th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

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