Azerbaijani Company Sold “Nova Banka” to Company from Florida for 7.1 Million

By , 17 Jul 2019, 12:44 PM Lifestyle
Opening of "Nova banka" in Podgorica in 2016 Opening of "Nova banka" in Podgorica in 2016 Azmont

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Azmont Investments Company announced today that it has sold its 100% stake in “Nova Banka” AD Podgorica, to the company “Adriatic Capital LLC” from the United States. Azmont investments is a company with Azerbaijani ownership and are well known for the construction of the tourist settlement Portonovi at the location of the former barracks in Kumbor. As they stated, they sold this youngest Montenegrin bank, founded three years ago, for EUR 7.1 million. The bank's capital is 11.9 million euros.

Azmont said in a statement on the stock exchange that "in the forthcoming period, in accordance with the Montenegrin laws, activities will be carried out to obtain all the approvals and permits from the competent authorities necessary for the realization of the said act of sale". Any takeover of banks in Montenegro must first be confirmed by the Central Bank of Montenegro.

The new buyer, according to the company register, has its headquarters in Miami, Florida, at the same address where there are 13 other companies. It was founded three years ago as Florida Limited Liability, but in the meantime changed its name. Its registered agent is the United States Corporation Agents INC, and the official director is Gianni Persich. According to the data from the registration site, its capital is estimated at $ 88,000. The company “Adriatic Capital LLC” is registered for "holding business and other investments".

Text by Goran Kapor, on July 16th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

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