Street Workout & Calisthenics Competition Held in Niksic

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The fourth competition in street training and calisthenics disciplines held in Niksic saw 40 competitors.

The youngest competitor was fifteen-year-old Matija Mustafic, and the oldest, Momir Pavicevic, who has four decades older than Mustafic.

The competition, organized by the gymnastics club “Montenegro Street Workout “ and the Ecologist association of youth “Green Center " from Niksic, was held in the first street workout park under Trebjesa, which was built five years ago by the "Green Center".

"The very age of the youngest and oldest competitors is a real indicator that calisthenics can be trained successfully by everyone recreationally. At this year's competition, records in several disciplines have been achieved," said Milos Dziknic, director of the “Green Center”.


From the competition (Photo: Private archive)

This year's competition included five disciplines divided into two categories - under 18 and over 18 years of age, and since last year, veterans also compete.


From the competition (Photo: Private archive)

"The aim of the competition is to promote calisthenics training, and that is why the most attention is given to repetition exercises to be able to apply, activate and motivate as many young people as possible in this type of sport," said Dziknic.

The winners of the most attractive freestyle discipline (freestyle in gymnastics), in the category over 18 years, are Goran Tomanovic, Filip Brkovic and Boris Martinovic, while in the younger category the first three places were taken by Krsto Premovic, Matija Mustafic and Spiro Mugosa.

In the discipline of pull-ups, in the category over 18 years, the first three places were won by Muamer Orahovac, Filip Brkovic and Radule Cerovic, and in the younger category the best were Ivan Boljevic, Krsto Premovic and Enis Krnic.

Orahovac was the first and in the discipline of bars, while Radomir Gagovic and Sasa Raznjatovic took the second and third places. In the same discipline, but the category under 18, the best was Abidin Orahovac, while Ivan Boljevic and Enis Krnic took the second and third place.

Ladies competed only in the sit-ups discipline. Last year's winner, Bojana Przic, took the first place this year, while Sofija Djukanovic and Andjela Nikcevic won the second and third.


Awarded in the category of the ladies (Photo: Private archive)

The veterans competed in the discipline of pull-ups. Sasa Raznatovic won the first place, and the oldest competitor, Momir Pavicevic second.

The judges, Nikola Loncarevic, Stanko Baucal, Nikola Agramovic and Marko Djukanovic, took care that everything goes smoothly and in order.

Text by Svetlana Mandic, on July 14th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

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