Solar Benches Produced in Montenegro, Available to Citizens

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Solar Benches Produced in Montenegro, Available to Citizens Copyrights: Detail Magazine

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08 July 2019 - The program Creative Montenegro (Montenegrin: Kreativna Crna Gora), launched by the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro, provided the successful results the Ministry anticipated. At the first competition within the aforementioned program, which will result in the establishment of the Montenegrin cultural product, as the result of cooperation between the creative sector and the entrepreneurial – production sector, a total of 11 authors will be supported. These authors have created ten projects and products, and one scientific study.

“By providing basic conditions and means for work-space, equipment, promotions, etc. we can say with certainty that the Ministry, together with the authors, has successfully launched 10 new businesses in culture, which is why we want to motivate other artists to apply for this program with their existing initiatives and ideas,” said the PR service of the Ministry.

Bearing in mind the significance of the program Creative Montenegro, primarily in terms of affirming the authors and the significance of their projects for the creation of the Montenegrin cultural product, the Ministry of Culture will present each of the authors and their projects to the public.

The author of one of the 11 ideas supported by the contest Creative Montenegro is Marija Bojović from Podgorica, who is already implementing the idea of ​​a solar bench. It is a project of the original design solution based on solar panels, and the bench is fully adapted for production and assembly in Montenegro.

Thanks to the possibility to produce this product in Montenegro, with its modern design, its purpose and the possibilities it offers, the product is competitive with those that Montenegro imports from the countries of the region.

Marija Bojović pointed out that Montenegro's smart bench is the answer to world trends. Aside from its main purpose as a bench, Montenegrin smart bench offers the charging of phones and tablets through solar energy and free internet access. “Work on the design of the idea lasted for about a year, because I - as an architect – not only dealt with the design of the bench, but also with achieving a certain level of flexibility of the product. The product has already come to life in our market, so three benches on the coast and two in Danilovgrad have been installed,” said Bojović.

“The support of the Ministry was important to Bojović, because the project Creative Montenegro is a great initiative that helps young authors to work freely on their product, and in that way, we directly influence the diversity of cultural space in Montenegro,” concluded Bojović. She pointed out that smart benches are made by order, and that preparations are being made for setting up her sixth solar bench in Podgorica.

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