InArt Street Performance Festival from July 24 to 26 in Tivat

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InArt Street Performers Festival in Tivat InArt Street Performers Festival in Tivat CdM

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The 4th Street Performance Festival InArt will be held from 24 to 26 July in Tivat. As in previous years, special attention has been paid to the international character of this cultural and tourist event that attracts more and more interest from year to year. This year, there are participants from eight different countries, who will perform on the streets of Tivat.

The festival’s program director Ljubo Kalicanin said at the press conference that this year the audience would see various programs, and particularly interesting are the guests from Italy 'Teatro dei Venti' and from Chile 'Comani Depaso'.

Kalicanin said that the program for the youngest would also be exciting, in addition to Pilko Pilko's troupe from Germany at the festival, Montenegrin actor Sejfo Seferovic will have the premiere of his play “Klovnovska posla” (Clown’s business).

Kalicanin emphasized in particular that the InArt festival became part of the European Association of Festivals which is very important both for the festival itself and for the development of cultural and tourist facilities in Montenegro.

"Thanks to the fact that InArt is recognized as a festival that has made a big contribution to the development of street art in this part of Europe in recent years, we will attend the presentation of projects funded by Creative Europe. InArt is the only festival that invites not only from Montenegro but also from the region, and we have found ourselves among 25 other European festivals. This opens up the possibility of direct cooperation with other festivals, which could be of great importance not only for the development of the festival, but for the overall picture of our country we are sending in Europe and beyond," said Kalicanin.

Dejana Stijepcevic from the Tourist Organization of Tivat estimates that the fact that InArt festival has been admitted to the European Association of Festivals says that the idea we have supported four years ago is developing in the right direction and being recognized not only here but also in the wider area. "In this way, the city of Tivat is increasingly important in the international context as a tourist destination. Projects like this and many others are long-term and thanks to them, Tivat builds the image of a tourist town that offers guests a new experience," Stijepcevic said. Nina Vukcevic said that the NTO supported the festival since its foundation because it was recognized as a festival that contributes significantly to the tourist offer of Tivat and Montenegro.

This year's Ambassador of InArt, Vojo Cvetanovski from Northern Macedonia, said that the cooperation of everyone, both the local community and the state, is crucial for the success of each festival in the region, as European festival budgets are great and only in this way can we create a quality event.

The organization of the festival is supported by TO Tivat, Ministry of Culture, NTO.

Text by CdM, on July 4th, 2019, read more at CdM

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