Montenegro at United Nations Public Service Forum in Baku, Azerbaijan

By , 27 Jun 2019, 00:45 AM Lifestyle
Montenegro at United Nations Public Service Forum in Baku, Azerbaijan Copyrights: United Nations Public Service Forum, Baku 2019

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26 June 2019 - Minister of Public Administration Suzana Pribilović participated in the United Nations Public Service Forum (UNPSF) titled "Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals through effective Delivery of Services, Innovative Transformation and Accountable Institutions", which recently took place in Baku.

"The priority of the Government of Montenegro is to establish an efficient, rational and transparent public administration. Administrations that will, in accordance with contemporary trends, place the citizen in the first place and establish a high level of openness and transparency of public institutions in the era of modern information technologies," Minister Pribilović said at the United Nations panel debate sponsored by ReSPA. 

She pointed out that establishing an efficient, rational and transparent public administration is not an easy task, but it is imperative for our administration and a prerequisite to responding to global challenges, as stated by the Ministry of Public Administration of Montenegro.

"That is why the key to solving this challenge is to join capacities. We can learn a lot from each other in all phases from designing services to measuring the satisfaction of their use," Minister Pribilović noted.

"We are constantly working on improving the work of electronic administration and increasing the number of electronic services. Through the new Law on Electronic Signature and Identification, we have created the conditions for high-quality electronic business, established a new system of protection against cyber attacks and we managed to protect the system from cyber attacks in the previous period. Also, through securing the continuity of the reform processes, we are committed to meeting the standards and values ​​inherent in modern societies," Minister Pribilović stressed.

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