Sunday is Officially Non-Working Day for Trade Shops in Montenegro

By , 21 Jun 2019, 01:01 AM Lifestyle
Sunday is Officially Non-Working Day for Trade Shops in Montenegro Copyrights: Voli Trade Media

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20 June 2019 - Sunday will be a non-working day for trade shops in Montenegro, since during its latest session, the Government of Montenegro and the Montenegrin Parliament voted for approval of this amendment to the Internal Trade Act. Total of 44 deputies voted in favor, while there were no abstentions and votes against, as reported by Investitor.

In the trade sector, which employs 37.000 people, through the proposed legal solution, Sunday will be declared a non-working day, and bylaws will bring decisions on exceptions and what are the basic needs of the citizens.

The Ministry of Economy has previously explained that the application of the law will start three months after its publication in the Official Gazette of Montenegro.

"By introducing a non-working Sunday, employers will be able to significantly increase labor productivity, reduce maintenance costs and regular service costs, so such a legal solution cannot affect the reduction in the number of employees, but jobs can be evenly distributed on working days, and employees in the shop have a non-working Sunday as they have employees in other industries," Ministry of Economy stated earlier.

The introduction of a non-working Sunday was proposed by traders in October 2108, and they soon received the support of the trade association of the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro and employers.

The committee then announced that the introduction of a non-working Sunday would "increase the productivity of labor". The employers' union has announced that they will submit an initiative to review the constitutionality of the changes to the Law on Internal Trade.

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