Creative Montenegro: Better Visibility of Montenegrin Film Locations on Global Market

By , 10 Jun 2019, 13:55 PM Lifestyle
VR Montenegro for better visibility of Montenegrin film locations on the global market VR Montenegro for better visibility of Montenegrin film locations on the global market

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The program "Creative Montenegro", launched by the Ministry of Culture, gave the first results this year. A total of 11 authors are supported by the first competition in the framework of this program, which will establish a Montenegrin cultural product, as a fruit of the creative sector and entrepreneurial-productive cooperation. There are 10 projects and products, and one scientific study.

Providing basic conditions and resources for workspace, equipment, promotions and alike can be said with certainty that the Ministry together with the authors have successfully launched ten new businesses in culture, which is why we want to motivate other artists to apply to the competitions with their initiative and ideas.

Bearing in mind the importance of the "Creative Montenegro" program, primarily as regard to the affirmation of the author and the importance of their projects for the creation of a Montenegrin cultural product, the Ministry of Culture will endeavor to present each of them to the public, along with the projects which they are the authors of. The author of one of the 11 ideas supported by the contest "Creative Montenegro" is "Articulation" from Podgorica. This is the project "VR Montenegro", which is based on contemporary technologies of virtual reality, that is, 'location scouting' in the film industry. Thanks to this project, Montenegro's presentation as a destination at film fairs and festivals will be extremely enriched - as representatives of interested production companies will be able to see, in one place, using VR glasses, all film locations and landscapes in our country. Not only will Montenegro be further affirmed as a film destination, but it will also be possible for authors to valorize their work through co-production with some of the overseas production companies. Igor Mitic from "Articulation" explains that the project "VR Montenegro" will introduce a series of locations from Montenegro. 

"Our project involves a tour of all of Montenegro, with numerous locations at different weather conditions, during different seasons. In this way, we will get a complete picture that we will be later presented as the Montenegrin offer on film shows," said Mitic. The program "Creative Montenegro" will thus contribute to the creation of an innovative product. 

"The point is that someone who is physically not in Montenegro is actually brought to a certain location in our country. Our goal is to get the project "VR Montenegro" to bring as many foreign productions as possible to work here," he concluded. "Articulations" stated that Montenegro has many specifics and advantages as a film location and that it is time to use it in the right way.

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