New Regional Hiking Trail: Mokra Gora, Beauty of the Balkans

By , 09 Jun 2019, 22:06 PM Lifestyle
Mokra Gora, Balkan’s Beauty Mokra Gora, Balkan’s Beauty RCC

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A completely new mountain hiking trail that stretches from the mountain of Mokra Gora from Montenegro, across Kosovo to Serbia, is opened in Zubin Potok. The trail was prepared by the Institute for Territorial Economic Development, InTER, with the help of a program of non-refundable funding for tourism, carried out by the Regional Cooperation Council and funded by the European Union.

The new Mokra Gora trail is branded as the beauty of the Balkans!

"The trail on Mokra Gora is a welcomed as an addition to the offer of Western Balkan’s adventure tourism and Via Dinarica route. Although not a part of the Dinarides, Mokra Gora is connected with the Dinarides in Montenegro and extends to about 100 kilometers in the north, leading visitors to the inner parts. The already existing adventure tourism attraction, Via Ferrata, is now on the path Mokra Gora, which gives it an extra charm," said Snjezana Derviskadic, project team leader for development and promotion of tourism at the Regional Cooperation Council.

The new track is the result of extensive regional cooperation. In preparation of the InTER path, it joined the municipality of Tutin, the Regional Development Agency of Sandzak, the non-governmental organization Marimangat from Pec and the mountain club Ahmica from Rozaje. Together they mapped the track, carried out GPS tracking, set up a signaling and information boards, prepared one-day road plans, and realized the first study trip along this path.

"Being from Zubin Potok, I was always in love with Mokra Gora. We started some time ago with the development of the contents of adventure tourism on this beautiful mountain, including Via Ferrata Berim, one of the most attractive in Europe. However, the development of the route linked to Via Dinarica and the inclusion of Mokra Gora as a part of this mega-trail will help us to promote both regional and foreign markets better as well as bring more visitors to this part of the Balkans,” said Dragisa Mijacic, Director of InTER.

"I am particularly proud of the fact that all the co-workers who worked on the trail’s preparation, regardless of whether they are from Rozaje, Pec, Istok, Zubin Potok or Tutin, realized the same benefits that this track will have for the local community and think the same about the transformation of Mokra Gora into something more, in the recognizable brand of the beauty of the Balkans," Mijacic concluded.

Text by Vijesti online, read more at Vijesti

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