Maros Presented Book "Recorded Montenegro" Based on TV Series "Record"

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Maros Presented Book "Recorded Montenegro" Based on TV Series "Record" Presentation of the book "Recorded Montenegro" by TV Journalist Miomir Maros, Photo by Dragan Redzo

June 6, 2019 - At the Small stage of the Tivat Culture Center, the book of Dr. Miomir Maros "Recorded Montenegro" was presented last night, for which the audience showed great interest.

Based on TV reportages from the "Record" cycle, produced for 17 years, author Miomir Maros spoke with painter Milo Pavlović, cultural activist Lazar Božović, and journalist and publicist Mašo Čekić. The idea for the title of the book - Recorded Montenegro - came from a colleague, though Maros explained that it does not mean that he has exhausted the theme and inspiration for the "Record" series.
"I wanted the first promotion of the book to be in Tivat, not just because of my friends, but because from Tivat Mirac could be better seen than from Kotor." The author mentioned his family's roots explaining that the part of the book is also eight reportages made by his older colleagues, among which is the story about Mirac by the famous author Vasko Radusinović. 
"The syntax Recorded Montenegro is from one of my colleagues, a producer, and I liked it much. It does not mean that the series is rounded, but on the contrary. It's just the name of the book. It brings the real meeting of the East and West, as is our Montenegro. The connection between our differences is the wealth of this book, the richness of the Record and Montenegro in general."
marosMiomir Maros, TV Journalist, the author of "Recorded Montenegro"
After 17 years of work on the television series "Record," Maros says it was not easy to choose the stories that would enter the book.
"I wanted every part of Montenegro to be represented, as far as possible. As a journalist, I first liked the information. It is fortunate that Milorad Đurković, the legend of sports journalism, referred me to the reportage. He saved me from news and politics. I'm glad; it turned out that I had done worthful things. Perhaps the painter Naod Zoric was right when he said that all the stories had long been told. But the emotion is different. It is the product of the interaction between my interlocutors and me," said Miomir Maros.
Painter Milo Pavlovic, speaking of the book and the series on which it originated, apostrophized the emotion with which the author approaches the subject, whether it is a map of landscapes or allows us to get to know the people and habits of some region.
"The audience likes Miomir Maros. I love him too. He is much younger than me, but we have something in common, and that is to respect the people and the customs of the space we come from. Miomir connects the Mediterranean with the north of Montenegro. It can only be a great man who loves Montenegro. For each series, every Record is approached responsibly and carefully."
Mašo Čekić has been following Maros's work since the very beginnings, as he, as a radio journalist, has always preferred reporting as a form that gives the author great opportunities to publicize the landscapes and the people, customs and events.
"Reportage is the queen of journalism. Miomir Maros is the true successor of Radovan Jablan from Radio Titograd and our Špiro Račeta from Pobjeda. Several young journalists, including Maros, return the reportage to the place that it belongs. A neighborhood, people, voice, heart, and soul - all this can be found in his reportage. Maros opted for two parts - people and landscapes, but he could have chosen differently. This book is small for his opus. He is obliged to make the second and third editions. He knows to notice that he gets what he needs from a negotiator, recognizes what is worth and what to write. What fascinates me especially is the cultural heritage, first of all, mobile. All that Maros writes can be classified as a moving cultural heritage. That's why this book has extra value. I recommend it to everyone, especially to young people," said Mašo Čekić.
According to the president of the Tivat branch of Matica Crnogorska, Lazar Božović, the Records are of great importance for the Montenegrin identity.
"This fascinating book had seen the light of the day just when the author turned out to be the true master of enrichment of Montenegrin culture. It's a small mosaic of Montenegrin wealth, an anthology of time by TV journalist," Lazar Božović emphasized.
The organization of the promotion, which was accompanied by the majorettes of the Studio Modest inspired Dolores Fabijan from Kotor, was signed by the Matica Crnogorska- Tivat branch and the Tivat Culture Center.

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