Tai Chi Grandmaster Zhao You Bin Held Classes in Luštica Bay

By , 02 Jun 2019, 19:08 PM Lifestyle
Tai Chi Grandmaster Zhao You Bin Held Classes in Luštica Bay Tai Chi Grandmaster Zhao You Bin Held Classes in Luštica Bay, Copyright: Lustica Development

June 2, 2019 - Fans of healthy lifestyles and the ancient Chinese martial art of Tai Chi had the opportunity to follow lectures and participate in a demonstration of the practical application of Tai Chi skills from Grandmaster Zhao You Bin who yesterday visited at CEDIA Lustica Bay. Zhao You Bin, who has arrived from China for this opportunity, is one of the great-grandparents of the traditional Jang style and a member of the Jang family. The following Sunday he will hold classes in Podgorica and Niksic.

"It is an ancient skill that is excellent for maintaining body and soul fitness and the structure of the whole organism. Since Luštica Bay has positioned as a home for active life and most of our events encompass various sporting activities, this time we have recognized the possibility for us and the visitors to Luštica Bay to meet the master You Bin. This is the beginning of our more comprehensive plan to organize a whole series of athletic and active lifestyle events this summer," said Slavica Milić, Marketing Manager Luštica Development.
Grandmaster You Bin is a highly respected Jang-style masterclass teacher, and in the Chinese system of appraisal, he carries level 8, which implies a remarkable long-term contribution to the advancement of this ancient skill equally beneficial for mental and physical health.
Zhao You Bin deals with Tai Chi l for 63 years, started at seven years old.
"Tai Chi is a particular part of Chinese martial arts and an essential part of Chinese culture. Also, it is very crucial to our overall health. Or it provides relaxation and comfort to the whole body," said Zhao You Bin.
The Tai Chi Jang style practiced by You Bin is suitable for all ages.  The movements are light, soft, but the right concentration and coordination are needed to be able to perform. Or you will be taught for the rest of your life. In addition to keeping the body in physical and spiritual condition, which is very important in today's fast and stressful rhythm of life, it is also recommended for reconnaissance after some physical injuries and stressful situations. Because of all the benefits it provides, martial arts will last for thousands of years.


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