"Schools Must Not Prioritize Profit Over Student's Safety"

By , 16 May 2019, 16:33 PM Lifestyle

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The Ministry of Education should strictly punish all who give priority to profit in the education system over education and safety of the children, it was said at the Center for Civic Education (CGO) yesterday.

"Where there is evidence, such as the finding of the competent inspection, that this is a misuse of the authority of a director, the same should be processed efficiently. And there is a tremendous responsibility of the Minister of Education (Damir Sehovic) who needs to dismiss such directors," said the associate at CGO Mira Popovic.

Yesterday, "Vijesti" reported that tourist inspectors found that more primary schools had illegally organized excursions and programs at the School of Nature.

After these inspection findings, the main tourist and leading education inspectors Svetlana Sljivancanin and Lucija Adzic passed on to the schools the information on respecting prescribed obligations when organizing school trips.

Popovic notes that as far as the trips such as schools in nature, excursions and other activities are concerned, the law prescribes the announcement of tenders for which the director is responsible, stating that the legal procedure and the will of the parents must be respected and all the contrary must be registered and sanctioned by the competent authorities.

"We have a practice for a long time now where, in a variety of ways, is trying to make a profit through education systems contrary to the constitutional norm that basic education is free of charge. This often leads to the embarrassment of parents with a low living standard and underlines the social differences among the children. Of course, children should not be denied excursions and visits to institutions and other out-of-school activities that improve their knowledge, but such activities must be carried out in accordance with the law and at minimum costs, if necessary, for students and their maximum security," said the associate at CGO. The schools at that moment when they enrolled the children took full responsibility for them at the time of school and out-of-school activities they organize.


Popovic argues that those who are not capable of carrying this responsibility should not be in the education system because, as she points out, there is no private interest that can be ahead of the children's safety. Surveillance found that excursions and other travels without the mediation of tourist agencies were organized and the persons involved in this organization were punished by a misdemeanor order, as "Vijesti" was informed from the Inspection Directorate, stating that the supervision was carried out in the elementary school "Ratko Zaric" in Niksic and Podgorica primary school "Radojica Perovic".

The elementary school “Ratko Zaric”, according to the findings of the tourist inspection in which "Vijesti" had insight, on their own initiative and with no tenders published, has organized School in nature for 64 pupils, but also without any contract with the holiday resort on Lovcen, or the transport company. In the same the way they organized, as shown by the documentation, excursions to Herceg Novi and Igalo, and a part of this school's pupils visited Trebinje as scouts. On the excursion to Vucje were also the children of the second grade of the primary school "Radojica Perovic", and Director Mirjana Boskovic told "Vijesti" that the school had nothing to do with it and that a private person organized it.

"Please note that after these checks, we have also sent information to all directors of elementary and high schools in Montenegro, where we state their obligations and responsibilities in the organization of excursions, trips, and schools in nature", said the Inspection Directorate.

Text by Milos Rudovic, on May 15th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

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