Đalovića Cave Reconstruction Aimed at Tourist Valorisation

By , 15 May 2019, 00:38 AM Lifestyle
Đalovića Cave Reconstruction Aimed at Tourist Valorisation Copyrights: Tourist Organization Bijelo Polje

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14 May 2019 - By signing the contract on the construction of electricity infrastructure for the needs of supplying the Đalovića Cave complex with the Public Works Directorate and Budva-based Elektro Tim, the Government of Montenegro is continuing activities aimed at the tourist valorisation of this location.

The government has allocated 989.433 EUR from the capital budget for this investment, and the deadline for the completion of works is five months from the introduction of the contractor into the business.

The construction of the electricity infrastructure will create conditions for further development of the Đalovića Cave complex itself and its contents. To this end, the Public Works Directorate also signed a contract with the Elektro Tim on equipping the 35 kV cell in the Nedakusi substation in Bijelo Polje, worth 29.766 EUR. Recently, it signed a contract with the Danilovgrad-based company Eurozox on the construction of the primary electricity infrastructure for this area, for which 700.000 EUR will be allocated from the capital budget.

The planned investments in the electricity infrastructure, in addition to ensuring the supply of the future complex of the Podvrh monastery, the cable car and the Đalović Cave itself, will also contribute significantly to more reliable and better power supply of households in this part of the Bijelo Polje municipality.

Đalovića Cave and the entire area in its surroundings belong to the most promising locations for the improvement of the tourist offer of Montenegro. The Government of Montenegro will invest about 20 million EUR in the construction of this complex, and if the demanding construction works on the ground take place with the planned dynamics, it is expected that it will be ready for visitors by the end of the next year.

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