School “Marko Miljanov” in Podgorica Marks Half-Century

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School "Marko Miljanov" in Podgorica School "Marko Miljanov" in Podgorica Filip Roganovic

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The elementary school "Marko Miljanov" in Podgorica will celebrate the half-century of its existence on Wednesday.

"It has carried out the educational mission since early 1969 due to the need for schooling in the area of ​​MZ Konik. This institution gave a great contribution to the education of the population and to raising the level of general literacy, spreading multiethnic harmony and multiculturalism in which the spirit lived and created Marko Miljanov, whose name is proudly represented by our school," said the school director Edita Sabotic.


She said that one of the first mayors of Podgorica, the national writer from Kuci, and the man who wrote about the examples of humanity and heroism he had found in his own and foreign people, was their best representative and certainly worthy of the topic."There are many examples of his humanitarian and heroic acts that have become legends. Today they are recounted and quoted when someone really wants to point out or explain the definition of a man. His literary work and social engagement have created a great reputation and respect for him in Montenegro and beyond, but also contributed to nourish the educational spirit in our environment," Sabotic said.

She pointed out that in 1881, at the initiative of Marko Miljanov, the first Podgorica Library was founded, which was the forerunner of today's City Library "Radosav Ljumovic", and that he left his estate to the institutions of education, enough to tell how much this great man was aware of the importance of the development of education and culture in our region.

"Towards the jubilee, through a series of activities, our school will recall the name of this great Montenegrin man that may not be forgotten, on May 8, 2019”, Sabotic said.

Text by Borko Zdero, on May 6th 2019, read more at Vijesti

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