Jury of Danilovgradation Formed: Goal to Teach Children How to Create New Values

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Gymnasium "Petar I Petrovic Njegos" from Danilovgrad, with the Ministry of Education and the support of the Danilovgrad Municipality, organizes the Gymnasium Fest Danilovgradation on May 10th, said the Ministry of Education.

"The event will consist of competition and an official part, with ten bands from 10 Montenegrin high schools, on the platform below the city bridge. Marija Bozovic with her band will perform in the official part. The jury has been formed and consists of the following members: Zeljko Milovic - journalist and publicist, author of monographs on Montenegrin rock and pop scene (president), Vjera Nikolic - pianist and performer of jazz, blues, time, ethno and pop music, Mihailo Radonjic - musician, Nina Zizic - vocal soloist. Each band will perform with three compositions out of which one is authored and two are already known compositions in Montenegrin and a foreign language. The first-awarded band will have the opportunity to record their song while for the second and third prizes funds are provided for the purchase of musical equipment that is necessary for the band," said the Ministry of Education.

Gymnasium Fest is organized for the first time, to help to build musical tastes in young people and focus on quality content in general.

"This is not just about the technical organization of an event, but the message we send with it, and that means you need to filtrate the numerous contents you encounter. If you do not know how to do it and you are in continuity exposed to the social networks, media and forms of communication of the modern society, you are only a consumer for those who are the most intrusive. We must not allow it. Our children must know that the choice of music they are listening to, the films they will dedicate their time to, the theatre performances they will see, the art and other exhibitions they will visit, are not peripheral things in their lives. These choices have a lot of influence on the formation of their views on the world. What I really appreciate is the fact that the students are also competing with the author's songs. No one expects them to be ideal, and it is not our goal. Our goal is to encourage them to create and show them that they have the potential to create new value. It is important that they become creators and then whatever they create will become better and better in time," said Milica Lekic from the Ministry of Education.

Nataša Latković, director of the gymnasium in Danilovgrad said that the event is organized so that we develop a healthy competitive spirit with the children but not to cause any burden. "It is only important for us to encourage them to create and to say that not all that is surrounding them is good. To let them know that they have a choice of content to dedicate their time and to make this choice wisely. Our pupils, as all the children, have a huge potential that seeks out their orientation, seeking to make them clear that they must have integrity and that they should never be put off by behaviors and commitments that are not close to them and which they know they are not good. I know that this is a huge task for them, but I know that they are mature enough to deal with it. I want to point out that this year the Gymnasium Fest is organized for the first time, and since it is some pilot project, it is related only to gymnasiums. Depending on what the reactions are, we will think in the direction of converting this manifestation into the traditional one, and in this case, it's expanding," Latkovic said. Gymnasium bands which will compete come from Podgorica, Niksic, Bijelo Polje, Pljevlja, Kotor, Bar, Cetinje, Beran, Rozaje and Danilovgrad. 

Text by Vijesti online, on May 6th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

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