Book Presented in Memory of Vito Nikolic's Birthday

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85 years since the birth of Vito Nikolic 85 years since the birth of Vito Nikolic InfoBiro

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The book “The Trail to remember us" was presented in Niksic to remember 85 years since the birth of Vitomir Nikolic and 75 years of foundation of “Pobjeda”.

"Vito Nikolic and his work have outlived hatred. By publishing the book, today's “Pobjeda” does not want to erase this awesome scar, but to look into the mirror, believing that the idea of ​​freedom of man and people survived," said Drasko Djuranovic.

This edition brings almost all the poems by the famous Montenegrin poet and again turns the attention to his poetic authenticity and lyrical persuasiveness. On Sunday, April 28th, readers will receive the book as a gift with each purchased “Pobjeda” newspaper.

"It had to be this way: to start from Niksic, where the first “Pobjeda” appeared, on only four pages, to spread the idea of ​​freedom and anti-fascism on all four sides of the world. And we had to mark thee 75th anniversary of “Pobjeda” with the book by Vitomir Vito Nikolic, a man who, so magnificently and calmly, and so powerful with the soul, celebrated the freedom of man and freedom of speech," it was stated on behalf of the publisher, by the director and editor-in-chief of “Pobjeda” Drasko Djuranovic.

Djuranovic recalled that Nikolic was a journalist of “Pobjeda”, in which he left an indelible mark. In the difficult times of the nineties, according to Djuranovic, Nikolic wrote the legendary poem "Night over Dubrovnik".

"And he was, instead of a reward, quietly fired from “Pobjeda”, which was then dominated with hatred. But Vito Nikolic and his work have outlived hatred. By publishing the book "The Trail to Remember Us", today's “Pobjeda” does not want to erase this awesome scar, but to look into the mirror, believing that the idea of ​​freedom of man and people survived and that it was one of the basic conditions for survival of our state and society. And Vito Nikolic is still with us today and his sign may serve us as a guidepost to all," said Djuranovic.

Editor and journalist of “Pobjeda” Vlatko Simunovic said that almost all poems Nikolic wrote are published in the book “The Trail to Remember Us".

"A stricter choice might have given a certain weight to it. Still, it would be necessarily subjective," Simunovic said.

He recalled that Nikolic published reports in “Pobjeda” for decades which had the treatment of brilliant literary miniatures. With poetry, as Simunovic said, he expressed revolt and disappointment with the evil destiny of man. His journalism allowed him, according to Simunovic, to live till one moment.

"What links the poems and stories of Vitomir Vito Nikolic published in "Pobjeda"? He was clear in his statements and recognizable, always on the side of man. This nostalgia for man has enabled his voice to be heard in Montenegrin poetry and journalism. It saved him from the day and night. There was a companion at the time of his sickness, drunkenness, and sickness. It was his companion in the time of his sickness, road trips and festivities. When a great poet is celebrated, the status of a great poet can only be gained among the readers, celebrating his immortality in the poems. With Njegos, Vitomir Vito Nikolic is the only Montenegrin poet whose lyrics live in the memory of all Montenegrins," Simunovic said.

Vito, as Simunovic said, pulled strength from the depths of Montenegrin language and opinions.

"He responded with a personal melody. Vito Nikolic chose us. His poetry was imposed as a form of liberation from the bondage of matter and time. We chose him. Enough for him and for us," Simunovic said.

Director Blagota Erakovic said that Vito Nikolic is a poet in the full sense of the word.

"He is understood by those who have never heard one poem in life and those who are the finest connoisseurs of poetry, critics, literates, academic... They will find beauty and top-level poetic values in him. A poet is someone people read and remember. So, Vito is a born poet," Erakovic said.

He recalled numerous situations and anecdotes from friendship with Vito, pointing out that he knew him from the earliest days when he played small roles with his brother, the late Pavle Erakovic, at the Theater in Niksic.

He also remembered Vito's days in Belgrade when the poet lived in the apartment with Erakovic and Lane Gutovic for two years in the 1960s. Erakovic has estimated that many, even significant publishers, desecrate Vito, publish “nisam” instead of ”nijesam”, so it is time, as he said, to critically deal with a great poet to stop "messing up" his work.

"Even many of his life's events are full of improvisation," Erakovic said.

The verses from his poems were read by the actor Miro Nikolic, and the promotion was attended by the poet’s daughter Danica.

Text by Info Biro, on April 26th, 2019, read more at CdM

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