Podgorica to Receive Argentina Square, Ankara Boulevard, Kolovrat and European Street

By , 12 Apr 2019, 11:44 AM Lifestyle
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Podgorica will have an Argentina Square, Ankara boulevard, Kolovrat, and European street,  it was decided by the members of the Assembly of the Capital City.

PG Bureau said that today's Assembly members adopted the Decision on determining the names of the squares and streets in Podgorica, on the proposal of the Council for the nomination of the name of settlements, streets, and squares.

This Decision defines that in the territory of the local community Nova Varos, the square located on the south side of the City Stadium and borders with Boulevard Ivan Crnojevic from the south and the street 19th December from the eastern side, is named Argentina Square.

"It's about a public space of 4.7 thousand square meters. Montenegrin emigrants began to settle in Argentina in the early 19th, and the most intense in the early 20th century," the statement said.

It is added that more than 40,000 Montenegrin emigrants and their descendants live in Argentina, that is, the second Montenegrin community in number in the world, and are mostly settled in the provinces of Chaco and General Madariaga.

The decision stipulates that in the area of 1. May, that the extension of Ljubljana street from the crossroads with Ljubomir Rasovic street to Cetinjska street, a 300 meters long area will be called Ankara boulevard, by the capital of Turkey and the administrative center of Ankara province in the region of Central Anadolia, where the elite part is placed on the street called Podgorica.

In the area of the local community "Dajbabe", a street that extends from Vojislavljevic boulevard near the bridge on Moraca, in the south and south-east, on the left bank of the Moraca river to the crossroads with the European street, in the length of about 450 meters, will be Kolovrat, according to the former name for the left and the right bank of Moraca river between Dajbabe and Donja Gorica.

The street extending from Boulevard Vojislavljevic to the south to Kolovrat Street, about 400 meters long, will be named European street.

A delegate l in the Municipal Assembly, Tijana Vidakovic, said that tradition and modern trends determined this proposal.

"It is because of all the differences that exist and create a coherent whole that I believe that this proposal is indirectly a form of preservation of national identity. This creates an inseparable blend of tradition and modern trends, but also of all the achievements that we are counting thanks to our policy and the steadfast European path," Vidakovic pointed out.

Text by MINA News, on April 11th, 2019, read more at Vijesti

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