Internet Platform for Emigrant Records from Montenegro

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Internet Platform for Emigrant Records from Montenegro Copyrights: Montenegrin Diaspora Photo

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31 March 2019 - The launch of the web application for the record of emigrants is a valuable mechanism for implementing a kind of list of Montenegrin Diaspora with all its complexities, but also a confirmation of the firm commitment of the Government of Montenegro to continuously work on improving the relations and policy of cooperation with the Diaspora, it was noted at the promotion of the new internet platform in Podgorica organised by the Directorate for Diaspora.

Part of the presentation included signing the Agreement with the donor of the software solution to the information company Nextsense from Skopje, signed by Director of the Directorate for Diaspora Predrag Mitrović and co-owner of Nextsense Saša Gavrilović.

Presenting the project, Director of the Directorate for Diaspora Predrag Mitrović emphasised that the web application is one of the modes for the implementation of a sort of list of Montenegrin emigrants, which enables people to understand the complexity of Montenegrin Diaspora, its number, age, intellectual, scientific, professional and other potentials, country-specific concentration and other specificities related to its status and position in the receiving countries and interest in strengthening relations and ties with country of origin.

The access to these data is essential from planning the improvement of relations between the country of origin and the Diaspora, and by their better acquaintance and processing, it is possible to identify the various resources of the emigrant communities and their potential contribution to the development of the country of origin.

Mitrović emphasised that this application is the result of cooperation between the Directorate for Diaspora and Montenegrin Diaspora in the Republic of North Macedonia, which connected the Directorate with the software company Nextsense from Skopje, the donor of this application. On this occasion, he thanked the donor company, as well as the Montenegrin Community in the Republic of North Macedonia.

The Director of the Directorate urged the emigrants to submit data to this record, noting that the data can only be used for clearly defined purposes and exclusively for the needs of the Directorate for Diaspora, with a special emphasis on the protection of personal data within the legal framework.

Secretary-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Veselin Šuković, pointed to the country of origin's readiness to improve relations between the State of Montenegro and the emigrants. 

Šuković pointed out that such projects also open new possibilities for cooperation with Montenegrin diplomatic-consular network to meet the interests and needs of the Diaspora in a particular country. He specifically highlighted that this application is a confirmation of the firm commitment of the Government of Montenegro, i.e., the Ministry, to continuously work on improving the relations and the policy of cooperation with Montenegrin Diaspora. He emphasised that the Diaspora occupies a priority position in foreign policy of the country, and that Montenegro is aware of the capital it has in its Diaspora.

Miroljub Orlandić, the Honourary Commissioner of the Matica crnogorska in the Republic of North Macedonia expressed satisfaction with the implementation of the project. He mainly referred to the significance of the project "Demographic-migration characteristics of Montenegrin emigrants and their descendants", which would enable a better understanding of our potentials in the Diaspora, their migratory movements and the country's immigrants.

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