Donja Gorica Boulevard in Podgorica Will be Finished in March 2019

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Donja Gorica Boulevard in Podgorica Will be Finished in March 2019 Copyrights: Donja Gorica Boulevard Photo

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20 February 2019 - Works on the boulevard in Donja Gorica are in full swing. The scheduled deadline for the completion of works was extended and the boulevard is now supposed to be finished by 28 March. Dušan Kokić, an engineer from the Transport Administration, said that judging the current dynamics of works, he expects for the works to be completed by the established deadline.

“Works are being carried out according to plan. Works on the installation of fecal and atmospheric sewer are currently being executed on the stretch between “Namos” and “Grand” furniture showrooms. It will be one kilometer long and the workers have already set up 500 meters of it,” said Kokić.

The remaining part of the boulevard has been formed and one layer of asphalt has already been placed.

From the starting point of the boulevard up until the roundabout next to Lješkopoljska street, the traffic moves in two ways. On the stretch where the underground installation is currently being set up, traffic is run on the right boulevard lane in both directions and with no congestion.

Property relations have been settled but during the rainy period works slowed down.

Boulevard in Donja Gorica is 3,5 kilometers long. It has four lanes (3,25 m wide), 2-meter wide median, four roundabouts and full pavements (1,5 m wide).

Value of this construction amounts to 9,6 million EUR.

Transport Administration provides 6 million EUR, whereas the remaining 3,6 million EUR is provided by the Capital City. The contractor is “TEHNOPUT MNE”.

Source: Cafe del Montenegro

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